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Kicks for clubs and back to school. 2x NBA champ, JR Smith, has his eyes on collegiate golf.

You read that right. Earl Joseph "J. R." Smith III is heading back to school. At 35 years old, the Henny-loving sharpshooter is trading in the basketball kicks for the clubs. And no,

not E11EVEN or Avalon, clubs like Callaway and Titleist.

The news broke today that JR has enrolled in school and is aiming to join the Aggies golf team. He's played in some pro-ams and felt it was the right time. Golf is something JR liked for quite some time. He first starting playing 12 years ago after the late Moses Malone taught him the game. After talking with NBA players who love golf (Ray Allen and CP3), he decided "why not".

What's wild is that people forget JR never went to college. He's making his way back into the classroom, studying liberal studies at North Carolina A&T State University, which actually ranks quite well amongst HBCU's (6th in the country). He technically does have NCAA eligibility. He was one of the last players to go directly from high school, after being a standout at Saint Benedicts Prep. in New Jersey. He was drafted 18th overall by the New Orleans Hornets (feel old yet). He was a Zhejiang Golden Bull, and then Melo's teammate with the Nuggets and Knicks. He is probably most known for his shirtless celebrations, after he made his way to Lebron's teams, winning two championships in Clevalnd (2016) and Los Angeles (2020).

I hope this works out, man would this be fun. He is currently hitting the links with some of his potential A&T teammates, playing to a 5 handicap. Aggies coach Richard Watkins, says he’s waiting for the compliance office at A&T and the NCAA to approve Smith’s eligibility. Classes start next week, we're rooting for you JR!


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