Knee Jerk Reactions - New Giants Head Coach, Brian Daboll's, introductory press conference

It's a new regime for the Giants, as head coach Brian Daboll was officially announced and it's time to go to work. It was quite nice to hear from someone who is ready for the challenge and actually isn't fluffing up the media and fans with BS.

Daboll comes from working under two of the greatest coaches in sports history, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. He has brought immense success to Buffalo, and his press conference made me excited again to be a Giants fan.

In his introductory, he talked about the importance of aligning this franchise, building from the trenches, and what to expect from the team.

The GM Joe Schoen Connection

When Schoen was hired, his first order of business was to find the next head coach. He stated that they "casted a wide net in the head coach search but ultimately came to the decision that Daboll is the right man for the Giants in 2022 and beyond."

Having a personal connection definitely helps, and it seems this duo could brew something special for years to come.

Daniel Jones is the guy (for now)

Daboll is a Daniel Jones believer. He and the ownership know that Jones has been dealt a shit hand thus far. Entering his fourth season, this is his third head coach.

Daboll addressed that the key for Daniel Jones and the team's success would be building an offense around what Jones and the other Giants playmakers do best. Find a system that works for him (i.e. Duke playstyle and Pat Schumer offensive scheme) and building up the offensive line.

The decision hasn't been made if Daboll would assume the playcalling duties, or that the next OC will have that honor. One person who can fill the offensive coordinator position is Bills QB Coach Ken Dorsey. He has been responsible for the passing coordination of Buffalo and has been with the Bills since 2019. Alongside Daboll, Dorsey has received praise for his work with star quarterback Josh Allen.

"One of the things that I asked him to do, and I said you can give this to me at any time -- he was one of the players that called me after it was announced, amongst some other guys -- I said, hey, give me some things that you really like in your last three years, or if you did at Duke, And that's where it's going to start, is some foundational pieces that he feels comfortable with. ... I think this is going to be a day-to-day process, I'm not going to put any expectations on him. I know he wants to do well, he's got the right mindset, he's dedicated, he's a hard worker, and I'm looking forward to working with him." - Coach Brian Daboll

Patrick Graham retained as DC (unless hired as a HC elsewhere)

Daboll and Graham worked together from 2013-15 in New England. Graham interviewed to be Giants head coach and is beloved by players but is not the type to undermine a boss. He brought the Giants defense to the top-10 in 2020. Last season, there were some bumps in the road and injuries that caused a decline, but the defense has the potential to be something special. Daboll seems to understand that there is talent in the building, and he hopes to continue to build that, and not blow it up.

How to attack the 2022 draft?

The Giants come in with two of the top 10 picks in this upcoming draft. Daboll and Schoen built a flashy Bills team, but they understood where they needed to improve. They drafted Left tackle Dion Dawkins, who finally became the first Pro Bowler in Daboll’s three years. They also emphasized the pass rush in the 2021 draft, which took the defense to another level. The opportunities are endless, and these two have an idea on how to make this team better.