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Knicks Report: 2nd Rounder from Duke, Potential Offseason Moves, and Future Draft Implications.

We've all slept on the aftermath of the NBA draft. The Pistons and Thunders, and maybe even the Rockets, walked away happy with their rebuilding efforts. And all eyes were on the Knicks, who seemed to be the laughing stock of the league. Or is that just what they want you to think?

I'm not too sure how I feel. Little aggravated, little underwhelmed, a little nervous for what's to come. I'm also left dumbfounded by Leon's Rose note to the fans.

There is a lot to unpack, so might as well start with the sole addition to the squad.

The Lone Draft Pick

After dipping out of the first, I wasn't too sure if a pick was going to be made. They ended up keeping the 42nd pick and grabbed

Although not having the strongest freshman season at Duke, he still was a five-star recruit. He has the size and frame of an NBA player already standing at 6'4, 225, even for only an 18 year old. He averaged 11.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game last season, with a crowded starting rotation of first round picks (Paolo Banchero, AJ Griffin, and Mark Williams).

He’s a great defender when engaged, a good secondary playmaker, can play out of ball-screens, and has real shooting upside.

I envision him probably chilling in the G-League for a bit, but who knows, he might find his way on the roster.

The Trade Haul

So the Knicks made moves yesterday, obviously from the noise on Twitter, and to be honest it was quite confusing and hard to keep up. They moved picks and Kemba Walker, and resulted with the following.

  • 2023 first round pick via Detroit (protected 1-18 until 2024, protected 1-13 in 2025, protected 1-11 in 2026, protected 1-9 in 2027)

  • 2023 first round pick via Washington (protected 1-14 in 2023, protected 1-12 in 2024, protected 1-10 in 2025, protected 1-8 in 2026)

  • 2025 first-round pick via Milwaukee (protected 1-4)

  • $18 million in cap space

So four draft picks next year. Could they all be packaged for a big name guy?

An Off-Season surrounded by Jaen Brunson

Before we get to Jalen Brunson, I am now intrigued by these picks. The past two drafts now, we've seen the Knicks move around the first round. There is no way they keep all of those picks. If they are looking to package and make a splash, then it should be for Donovan Mitchell.

The guy has ties to New York and seems to be on his way out of Utah. If the Knicks want to be big market, then this is the move they need to make. A trade I could see working could be Evan Fournier, Cam Reddish, Immanuel Quickly, and 2 first rounders. Honestly, I'd be fine with that too, but I doubt it happens.

Another opportunity to trade is with the Pacers. With guys like Myles Turner and/or Malcolm Brogdon, I think the package of picks would be worth the investment.

Both are actual options, and not fallacies, but we need to get to the inevitable. The s expected to offer Jalen Brunson a four-year contract worth approximately $100 million when free agency opens next week, according to Marc Stein. It's going to be an overpay for a guy they want, especially because the Mavs twice passed on the opportunity to extend Brunson on a four-year, $55.6 million deal. If he's the guy then he's the guy, but he better step up on day one...

I for one, would like them to re-sign Mitchell Robinson at this point. I think he can be part of the future and is young enough to improve. That all depends if the Pacers trade isn't in the cards. Side note - I'm all out on Kyrie, so please stop talking about it.

Potential Rotations for 2022-23

The Realistic Option

PG: Jalen Brunson - Derrick Rose - Miles McBride

SG: Evan Fournier - Immanuel Quickley - Trevor Keels*

SF: RJ Barrett - Cam Reddish - Alec Burks - Quentin Grimes

PF: Julius Randle - Obi Toppin - Taj Gibson

C: Mitchell Robinson - Nerlens Noel - Jericho Sims

The Trades Galore Option

PG: Donovan Mitchell- Derrick Rose - Miles McBride

SG: RJ Barrett - Alec Burks- Trevor Keels

SF: Obi Toppin- Quentin Grimes

PF: Julius Randle - Taj Gibson

C: Myles Turner - Nerlens Noel - Jericho Sims

The second one is obviously a stretch, but you never know. Who could be on the trade block? I think it's Fournier, Noel, Burks, Gibson, and Reddish. A combination of one to three of them I could see being on the move. I left them in for now. I think Julius Randle could also be on the move, but again, not too sure what the Knicks are thinking with him. Time will tell but I hope that the Knicks come out on top...


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