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MarxTakes 2023 MLB Postseason Picks

There you have it - my 2023 MLB postseason picks.

I processed months ago that the Braves would win the World Series, so the pain won't be as bad in November. They are one of the most dominant teams of all time and will cake walk to the World Series.

Here are the World Series odds courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook:

1. Braves +260

2. Dodgers +430

3. Astros +500

4. Orioles +700

5. Rays +1200

6. Phillies +1200

7. Twins +1700

8. Brewers +1700

9. Rangers +2000

10. Blue Jays +2000

11. Diamondbacks +3500

12. Marlins +4500

Also as a fan of team who's not in the playoffs, I have to root for a team this year and will be rooting for the ORIOLES. It was a no brainer. I can't root for any NL East teams for obvious reasons and fuck the Astros too.

If the Orioles lose, I'll just be rooting for whoever is playing the Braves.

Happy Playoffs!


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