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May the fourth be with you, Houston Asterisks. Yankees win the most anticipated game of the year.

The Bronx Zoo came out in full force tonight, as expected. With only about 20% capacity at the stadium, the howls sounded like it seated a full 100% in October. The team fed off this noise and played some all-around great baseball.

This game has been circled on the calendar for quite some time. The last time the Astros faced the Yankees at home was ALCS 2019, game 6. We all know what happened.

DJ hits the game-tying home run. The following inning, Altuve drives one-off Chapman to win the game. Yanks lose, Astros go back to the World Series, they lose, then along came the cheating scandal regarding their 2017 season. Emotions turned to anger, as disappointed fans were heated. All the memories flooded back, from Judge getting screwed out of an MVP to Joe Girardi being let go, the list goes on.

Even after nearly two years of the press release, the fans did not forget what went down. With trash cans banging, boo's roaring, and electric chants and cheers, nature healed today and the Yankees showed up.


Big Moments

Shoutout to the crowd. Unreal job tonight. The Yanks took this energy and told the 'Stros to "shove it".

MIKEY STANTON!!! How about Giancarlo? He has been on another level, my goodness. He went 4-for-5 tonight, but this bullet was perfection.

The offense was nice, but how about the defense? Let's check in on Torres.

... BuT gLeYbAr CaN't PlAy ShOrT sToP?

The flood gates erupted. When in doubt, DJ LeMahieu with RISP. 3 runs in and excitement filled the air. I hope Odor is okay too.

Tyler Wade > Jose Altuve

Chad Green is so underappreciated by MLB fans. He arguably is one of the best relievers in the league.

Ball game over.


Start spreading the news, daaaaaa Yankees, win! No sympathy for the Houston Astros. Even though there is only a couple of guys left from that team, you boo the uniform. This game was a big turn-around moment for the Bronx Bombers. Let's get ready for the next couple of days, this series is going to be a can't miss.


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