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Met Life: If we're talking extensions this bye week, who deserves one?

It was a quiet trade deadline for the Giants, but as I mentioned before, I understand why. The Giants aren't in the position to overspend for players. No need to toss around draft picks when the future needs to be built upon

Joe Schoen said in a press conference that the Giants will need to restructure some contracts in order to function financially for the remainder of the season. He also mentioned that the potential extensions for Jones and Barkley will be discussed this week.

With that being said, who deserves the extensions? We've got some playmakers who are due to hit the market this offseason, what Giants would you like to return?


Lock Them In! - Extension Candidates

  • QB: Daniel Jones

  • RB: Saquon Barkley

  • S: Julian Love

  • WR: Darius Slayton

Three captains and our only healthy and able receiver. Dare I say that these should all be a priority? I think Daniel Jones can be the guy. He has proven that he has been the guy this season. Now, maybe the Giants draft a quarterback in the next draft or so, and start developing in the wings, but as of right now, Jones deserves a contract. Saquon is the catalyst of the offense. Julian Love is one of the bright young defenders in the game and a perfect contributor to the defense. Slayton deserves a raise because he has weathered the storm, and still comes out and contributes.

  • Daniel Jones: 3Y, $60M

  • Saquon Barkley: 4Y, $44M

  • Julian Love: 3Y, $12M

  • Darius Slayton: 2Y, $3M

2024 UFA's - Extensions This Year Or Offseason

  • S: Xavier McKinney

  • LT: Andrew Thomas

  • DL: Dexter Lawrence

This is a young core that are difference makers. Andrew Thomas is statistically one of the best and brightest tackles in the game. Dexter Lawrence is getting DPOY buzz. Xavier McKinney, similarly with Love, is a guy who anchors the secondary and has contributed greatly. These are the type of players who strike gold in a draft, and hope to retain and build upon.

  • Xavier McKinney: 3Y, $33M

  • Andrew Thomas: 4Y, $65M

  • Dexter Lawrence: 4Y, $48M

Contract Restructures - Save Some Money

  • Kenny Golladay: $13M p/y

I don't know enough about cap structuring, and how converting a salary into a singing bonus helps the cap, but either way, what Kenny Golladay is doing is legal robbery. If they can convert his contract somehow, or at least stretch his payments, w

Guys I'd Like To Keep - Offseason Discussion

  • WR: Sterling Shepard

  • EDGE: Jihad Ward

  • C: Nick Gates

  • LB: Jaylon Smith

  • S: Landon Collins

Sterling I hope can still be a Giant, he reminds me of a Victor Cruz like respect and Giant play. Same with Nick Gates, the guy is an absolute dog returning from injury, and a great depth piece. I think having Jaylon Smith is another solid depth piece for the defense, and he is one of the top tacklers on the team. I hope Landon Collins returns as well. I just found out today how much the team respects Jihad, so it'd be nice to keep this type of energy in the locker room.


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