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Met Life: It's time to come home. Where will Odell Beckham Jr. sign with, and why it should by NYG.

It's time. The time is finally here. Months of speculation, and Odell Beckham Jr. is one, healthy, and two, ready to find his new home.

As a Giants fan, I'll always root for OBJ. He was an electric factory while dawning the Big Blue, and if it wasn't for Dave Gettleman, he'd still be on this team. I'll never forget being drunk of Bahama Mama's in Punta Cana for senior year spring break and the one kid who had wifi came shuffling out to the pool saying the Giants traded him away to the Browns. I was distraught.

But that's all behind us. The trade brought us Sexy Dexy, Dexter Lawrence, so shoutout to Cleveland for that. But this blog isn't about talkin' pasts, it's more about predicting the future.

Josina Anderson of CBS Sports said that OBJ will visit these three teams in order. Giants, Bills, Cowboys. There are prelim conversations with the Chiefs and Ravens. Of course the Chiefs have their hat in the rink. The Rams could also welcome him back with Kupp and Robinson both being out.

Now yes, you read this title. I will have some Giants bias, but I'll explain why the Giants are the perfect home for the receiver.

Via OddsChecker


1. Assessing Odell's wants

OBJ stated that he would prefer to sign a deal with term rather than serve as a rental for a Super Bowl contender. His comments to complex were the following.

“Whether it’s Buffalo, whether it’s Green Bay calling, Cowboys, reunion with the Giants, I want to be able to spill my last — I’m not saying I only have three or four left — but these next three or four years into something where I can buy a home, where I can call this place a home. I’m tired of living out of too many suitcases, you know? I’ve done the rock-and-roll life.”

Now, the Giants are in the position to make the playoffs. Could they make a run? Crazier things have happened (cough cough 2008 and 2011). But this is the perfect place to make a home. The Giants have established themselves as a great destination with the new Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen regime. Players love the environment they have created, and the Giants aren't looking to build just for tomorrow, but for the future as well.

2. OBJ will be a true No.1 target on the Giants

The Bills have Stefon Diggs, alongside Gabe Davis. The Cowboys have CeeDee Lamb. The Giants number one target right now is Darius Slayton. I love Slayton, but he isn't the big deep threat that OBJ is. Slayton leads the team with 476 yards. The next closest receiver is Richie James, with 280. Two of the Giants top five receiving leaders are out for the season (Robinson and Shepard). If OBJ wants to get his numbers up for the rest of the year, the Giants will feed him the ball automatically.

3. He has friends in the building

The last tweet says it all. Bring the boys back together. He's close with Saquon and Sterling Shepard, and constantly tweets at them. Might as well bring the family reunion vibes back to New York, and make every fans dreams come true.

4. OBJ chased his ring, now it's time to come home and complete his character arc.

From punching nets to the whole Cleveland debacle, and now getting escorted off planes, the media paints OBJ as a crazy person. What better way to settle all of this is to return to your first team, gel with the crew, and go win some games? I am no scientist, but I think that's a winning formula to me.


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