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My new favorite TikTok follow. This account posts random nostalgic baseball facts and it's perfect.

I have been trying to get off my phone and get to bed at a more reasonable time, but sadly, this new account I found on TikTok has made it nearly impossible. In one of my restless nights, I hoped on the app, and tried to scroll myself to sleep. I stumbled upon this account, @football8017.

The account posted simple pictures with captions, all regarding stats and thoughts about random 2000-2010's baseball players. I felt like a kid going through my baseball card collection again. They also posts football and basketball stuff, but with baseball in full swing, that's what the majority of the content has been. Some of the posts were just mind boggling stats. Like, White Sox Scott Podsednik's stealing 70 bases in 2004. People forget. Why was Melky Cabrera the 2014 All-Star MVP? J.A Happ went 20-4 for the Blue Jays in 2016. Totally random, yet totally nostalgic. So I share with you this account, because if you want to discover a time capsule and pass some time, this account will send you back to your childhood bedroom, when you and your friends used to look at the stats of the back of your Topps cards.

Here are some of my favorites that hit home.


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