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New Year's Six Bowl Projections

In my opinion, there are no greater sporting events than the NY6 bowls. It is just amazing college football matchup after another where you just sit on your couch for 12 straight hours.

I haven't even recovered from last year's Cotton Bowl when USC completely blew it against Tulane, but with USC on their way to some horrific shit bowl, I'm ready to predict this year's NY6 bowls.

Here are my predictions as of November 29, 2023:

New Year's Six Bowls

Cotton Bowl (Dec. 29)

Texas vs. Missouri

Peach Bowl (Dec. 30)

Penn State vs. Alabama

Orange Bowl (Dec. 30)

Louisville vs. Ohio State

Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 1)

Tulane vs. Washington

Rose Bowl [CFP semifinal] (Jan. 1)

Michigan vs. Florida State

Sugar Bowl [CFP semifinal] (Jan. 1)

Georgia vs. Oregon

A couple notes here:

You have to give it up for Tulane. This would be two consecutive NY6 bowls for the Green Wave. An AAC team making an NY6 bowl is already crazy, but back to back is absolutely nuts. You have to give a lot of credit to Willie Fritz and the program and culture he has built in New Orleans.

With my CFP predictions, I am clearly pointing to a Michigan vs Georgia final. FSU will get in but without Keon Coleman, they are just not as good or exciting. I think Oregon vs Georgia will be a fantastic matchup with how good well Bo Nix is playing and his SEC roots back at Auburn, however the Dawgs will just be too much for Oregon. It is nice however that in the Pac-12 final year, they will hopefully have a team in. In my opinion, whoever wins the Pac-12 championship should be in no matter what, and I'm taking the Ducks who are currently 9.5 point favorites.

Finally, if Bama wins this weekend and beats Georgia, CHAOS would ensue. This entire list here would be blown up. I have to make it very clear I'm writing this on November 29, 2023.

Should be an exciting weekend of CFB!


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