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NFL Head Coach Predictions 2024: Who goes where?

Six head coach spots remain after the Patriots announced the promotion of Jerod Mayo to fill their Bill Belichick-sized head coaching role. There are a lot of talented rosters, as well as big names, available on the market, and here are my picks on who might end up where.


Atlanta Falcons - Bill Belichick

An excerpt from my last blog: Now Bill Belichick and the Atlanta Falcons weren't necessarily on my 2024 Bingo Card, but when you look at all of the Head Coach openings, it's started to make the most sense....But with Atlanta, the defense is already fairly solid, adding the defensive mind of BB could only ignite it further. They have the offensive weapons in Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson, all they need is a quarterback that could be the reclamation project for Belichick's next act.

Carolina Panthers - Ben Johnson

A native of Asheville, North Carolina, as well as a quarterback at UNC, the homecoming that could spark a bright future could be found in Lions offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson. He helped Jared Goff regain control, and he is the ideal person to help bring Bryce Young back to his Alabama prime.

Las Vegas Raiders - Antonio Pierce

No brainer. Antonio Pierce turned the franchise around, and he got buy-in from the players. He is a locker room guy with high morale, and the players have already lobbied for him to be the next coach, wanting to play for someone they trust and respect as one of their own. This is an easy move they need to make.

Los Angeles Chargers - Jim Harbaugh

I for one, think it would be foolish of Harbaugh to leave Michigan. Not to say I blame him, though. He finally got his championship, and he now eyes coaching in the Super Bowl again. If it was me, I'd stay in Michigan where I'd be a king for the rest of my career. Michigan fans will always remember the 2023 season, and all he would have to do is just beat Ohio State and make the expanded playoffs, but I digress. He was once a Chargers quarterback and has roots and connections in California. He's taken on loftier challenges, and he could be the coach that steers LA back into playoff contention.

Seattle Seahawks - Dan Quinn

I feel like this has to be a lock, no? From one defensive-minded coach to another, Quinn developed a strong defense in Dallas and now could get back to head coaching responsibilities soon again.

Tennessee Titans - TBD

A massive blunder getting rid of Vrabel, but that's neither here nor there. Is their guy Giants offensive coordinator, Mike Kafka? Or is it Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald? Is it someone we mentioned on this list? To be honest, I have no idea the direction of this team. Who is the quarterback? Is Derrick Henry one? How much cap will they have and who departs because of those casualties? This one truly has stumped me.

Washington Commanders - Eric Bieniemy

The quarterback play wasn't fantastic in Washington, but can you blame them? It's not like they had Patrick Mahomes waiting in the wings. With new leadership, they might want a fresh reset, but why swipe Bieniemy away from his dynasty in Kansas City, if he wasn't going to be the guy that replaces Riverboat Ron?

CURVEBALL: The Dallas Cowboys AND Philadelphia Eagles

- Either Mike Vrabel or Bill Belichick

Sneaking this one in here just in case Jerry Jones finally responds to the embarrassing Wild Card loss that Dallas just endured. Same with Philly, are the Eagles done with Nick Suriani? If the Cowboys do let go of Mike McCarthy, Vrabel also has a good relationship with Cowboys executive vice president, CEO, and director of player personnel Stephen Jones. They could also opt for BB, just because you can't count them out of doing something crazy. Same with Philadelphia, they will need a SPLASH, to make up for lost time. Vrabel did coach AJ Brown up, and they could use someone to fix the morale and keep their star happy.


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