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PHOTOS: Home Opener for the Providence Pirates (03/25/21)

Blog Series Intro: Aside from writing, another passion of mine is photography. This series will showcase different shoots/events/experiences that I have photographed over the years. The blogs behind the photos will explain the context and the setup, but the pictures will tell the story. Happy viewing.


Recap: For the first time ever, live at the Johnston Rec. Center, the Providence Pirates welcomed an intimate crowd to for their inaugural home opener. The Pirates faced off against the Eighteen XVC out of Massachusetts in the high scoring matchup. The night was filled with flashy alley-oops, a flurry of threes, and plenty of competition. Unfortunately for the Pirates, the team fell short for the win, losing to XVC 114-104. House Enterprise was fortunate enough to attend the game (shoutout to Sercan, Vic, and Shaun for the opportunity).

Behind The Shot: The Providence Pirates are one of the newest teams to join the ABA. The American Basketball Associate is a semi-professional men's league, originally from 1967. If you ever have watched Will Ferrell's "Semi-Pro", it is the same league the movie portrayed. In 1976, the leading four ABA teams joined the NBA, and ceased to exist that same year. The league was reintroduced and "re-founded" back in 1999. The Pirates rocked nostalgic styled orange jerseys, and the vibe of the Johnston Rec. gave me the a flashback of the 70's. The same decade that the original ABA once thrived in. After editing the shots, I began tinkering with a warm contrast preset, with slight grain addition, to give the photos the look as if you found these photos in the ABA archives.

Camera: Nikon D7100 // 18-55mm


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