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PHOTOS: Planet Earth, the Environment and Our Future

An incredible and photogenic display located at The Providence Water Fire Arts Center.

Luke Jerram’s Gaia, is a massive 23’ diameter depiction of the entire Earth that creates a sense of the “overview effect” that has often been reported by astronauts who sense a “cognitive shift” in their perception of the fragile “blue marble” “hanging in the void” of space. Gaia was featured at the recent UN Glasgow Summit and features imagery from NASA.

The Earth in its beauty and majesty has long fascinated artists and scientists of all cultures, inspiring their work. Both use vision to understand the empirical facts of the real world – and use imagery again to convey their ideas and conclusions. This exhibition of art and science presents over thirty spectacular artworks by contemporary artists that expand upon the interconnected nature of the world – the exhibition also includes historical art, photographs, and objects from several cultures stretching across the continents and spanning two centuries; tracing some of the Rhode Island connections to this larger story of discovery and exploration.


Camera:Nikon Z5 // Nikkor 25-50 f/4.0


For my entire portfolio of work, follow the links below.

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