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Portfolio essentials heading into the new year.

We've got a jam packed week in what many would refer to as the last trading week of 2021 and I only anticipate continued volatility as we head into the new year. Be sure to keep an eye out for PPI data on Tuesday, retail sales numbers on Wednesday and Jobless claims on Thursday. Without any further ado, below is The Bullish Shark's weekly watch.

Your weekly watch in what stocks are hot for the week of December 13th. Presented by The Bullish Shark #ToTheMoon *Invest with your own risk and with your own research. TBS and House Enterprise is not a financial institution*


SoFi Technologies ($SOFI): I've liked this stock for months and I've continued to strengthen my position on red days. I downloaded the IOS app this weekend as well and the UI on SOFI is second to none. Finally, SOFI solidified a 20 year deal on the naming rights to the LA rams stadium.

Compass ($COMP): You could compare this stock to Redfin ($RDFN) in a lot of ways as they both take an innovative approach to real estate brokering. "The company offers an agent-only application, designed to simplify the entire real estate process through one stop marketing, property valuation and open house capabilities. It's platform includes a cloud-based software for customer relationship management, marketing, client service and other functionality, all custom-built for the real estate industry" - @CNBC. I've been watching this stock closely since it's IPO at $18 and believe it's found support in the $10 range and is now poised for a mooning. SmileDirectClub ($SDC): Talk about a token disrupter, it's SmileDirect. The company made headlines by creating a product similar to Invisalign ($ALGN), by offering teeth restoration through a series of custom aligners. I went undercover to one of their Smile Appointments just to see how they operated and I was definitely impressed none the less. The stock has hit all time low after all time low, currently priced at $2.66, the upside here has to outweigh the downside. People love saving money and if they can get a straight smile for 60% less through SmileDirect. they're likely to do that.

Tesla ($TSLA): The leader of EV. I strongly believe that everyone should own at least one share of Tesla stock. I've seen price targets here exceeding $3K and after Elon sold off 11 million shares this month, the stock is an absolute steal.

Airbnb ($ABNB): Last but most definitely not least. I've been an ABNB bull since it IPO'd and my ROI here has been exceptional. This stock is known to run without warning and catching a pullback can be difficult. Having just ran up to $207 last month, I feel any time it's sub $180, the buy alert starts to sound.


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