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Positivity Corner - Reds right fielder Nick Castellanos' son, Liam, is a designer and philanthropist

Well if this doesn't make your day, I don't know what does. First spotted at the All-Star game last week, you can see above a handmade drawing of Reds All-Star right fielder, Nick Castellanos, worn by Castellanos himself. The artist? His son, Liam.

The duo has teamed up with a Cincinnati T-shirt company, called "Cincy Shirts", to provide these shirts to the public. Not only was it his idea of the drawing, but he also came up with the idea, alongside dad, to donate the money to charity.

The “Liam Castellanos Collection,” is taking social media by storm, and we love to see this awesome endeavor. What makes this even more wholesome, was the reaction Liam had of his art dream becoming a reality.

If you want in on the party and the awesome cause, click here to buy the shirt.


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