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Power Rankings: The Most Shocking Headlines coming out of the NFL this week

You could say that this was a wild weekend of football, but let's be honest, isn't every weekend kind of wild? However, this was a week that I looked at and said, "man, if someone woke up from a coma and you mentioned the recent news, would they believe you?" It's true, we had some upsets, some absolute crushing, and some pretty big news in the world of pop culture - all fall into our laps on an ordinary Sunday. I've got a few headlines that I think are "power ranking worthy", and here is where they land on this weeks totem pole.


No. 4 : The Vikings are 0-3.

From one of the hottest teams last year to one of the worst, where would this team be without Justin Jefferson? Kirk Cousins is faltering in the bright lights, which sucks, because he truly became a fan favorite after his Netflix special. The offense isn't awful, but the defense is horrid. They allowed Justin Herbert to look like a Hall of Famer. The Chargers quarterback was near perfect, throwing for over 400 yards and three touchdowns. Minnesota needs to figure things out quick, or it's going to be a steep hole to climb out of.

No. 3: Cardinals do the unthinkable and upset the Cowboys, snapping a 9 game lose streak.

Are the Cardinals not tanking? Is Josh Dobbs good? Does Arizona have something cooking? Are the Cowboys F.R.A.U.D.S.? Lot of questions that still need answering, but this was a game that truthfully took me by surprise. The Cowboys have been light outs, but clearly, they aren't perfect.

No. 2: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift make their first public appearance.

No more speculation Swifties, it's true. Your Queen is dating Mr. Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Worlds are colliding, young female fans are tuning into football games. Couples are having deep conversations about their new favorite celebrity duo. Is nature healing? Anyway, the rumors have now been verified. I wish people would let these two just live their lives, but that's the toxic part about being famous, your lives are now for the fans sick pleasures.

No. 1: The Miami Dolphins drop 70 points against the Denver Broncos. Miami's Head Coach, Mike McDaniel, used to be a Denver Ball Boy.

Stop the count because a murder was committed. This was straight up a Madden Simulation. I could not believe my eyes when watching this. 70 points was something I never thought would be achieved in the NFL anymore. They almost broke the record, but Mike McDaniel opted to not run the score up. If it was me, I'd kick the field goal to break the record, no questions. I don't think anyone would have blinked an eye either.

Anywho, what a downfall for Russell Wilson, a mistake by Sean Payton, and an embarrassment for the Walter Family. I don't know how Denver recovers from this, especially because the coach who dropped the seventy burger on them was their former ball boy.

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