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The Bullish Shark Report: 2022, We're Ready To Rip

Futures are down this morning after the extended weekend but bulls are rustling in the brush, pawing the ground and ready to rip. Microsoft ($MSFT) is nearing it's deal to acquire Activision $ATVI, currently (+35%) in the premarket, which is a breath of fresh air for the stock that's been a victim of scandalous sell offs for months now.

The "Old Reliables" will continue to lead the 2022 shift from momentum to value. FORD ($F) in price discovery on F-150 lightning expectancies and AT&T ($T) stacking upgraded as it tears back to 1999 highs, a 2x from where the dividend dinosaur currently trades.

In other news, Buy Alerts on Build A Bear Workshop ($BBW) continue to sound as Friday's midday tank created lucrative options opportunities. BBW has the quant trifecta rating, and after the oil plays printed for me ($PBR) ($IPOOF), I am all in on the quant (seeking alpha's premium tool). Buying the $18.75 1/21 calls and $20 2/18 calls on Friday was a decision I will forever be grateful for.

Be on the lookout for Disney ($DIS) sub $150 as investors tighten up over the $33b the company plans to drop on content this year, which is +300% from the $8b they shelled out in 2021. Nice volume pop on Roblox ($RBLX) in the premarket, after the +14% beats on EPS / Revenue last year, it's important to put some respect on gaming giant's name.

Cenntro Electric Group ($CENN) announced it's symbol change from $NAKD (probably a smart move) on Thursday (01/13) and saw a +16% tear to the upside. It's recent volatility and the fact it's a speculative EV play catches my attention. Looking for a pull back, but if the price is right, I'll scoop it up like it's Lordstown Motors ($RIDE)

Alibaba ($BABA) is this weeks China play after report suggesting the US is examining their Cloud Unit for National Security Risks. Trading below 129-130 which was a big area of support on the daily. Can bounce ig dip gets bought and clears / holds premarket high. 20 SMA on the daily is at 123.01. Anticipate more downside if the stock breaks premarket low.

Also anticipating financials to rally after banks and fintech got hammered last week. JP Morgan ($JPM) went -6% and Social Finance ($SOFI) still heavily undervalued trading near it's 52 wk lows. Finally, while I usually tread lightly on the brick and mortar institutions, Bank of America ($BAC) is poised for a run, especially as they're set to report earnings before the bell tomorrow.

Nextdoor Holdings ($KIND) is my SPAC play. Now (-40%) in 6 months. This neighborhood watch platform is ready for take off.

Notable Mentions (Tickers To Watch)

  • $AMD

  • $ONEW

  • $SNAP

  • $FSR

  • $TLRY

  • $VSTO

  • $AFRM

  • $RIVN

  • $HALL


*Invest with your own risk and with your own research. TBS and House Enterprise is not a financial institution*


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