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Rhode Island News: The "Conjuring" House is on the market for $1.2 Million.

One of the most infamous houses in the entire country, and by far the spookiest in Rhode Island, is now on the market. Of course, just in time for Halloween. The Conjuring House is on the market for a whopping $1.2 MILLION for the small little farmhouse. Just to clarify, this isn't the house that was featured in the film, this is the actual real-life haunted house that's based on the movie.

The Perron Family lived in this home in the 1970's. Roger, Carolyn, and their five daughters moved into the home in January of 1971, and quickly noticed strange things occurring throughout the house. Household items went missing, random sounds would echo the house, disgusting smells would carry through the home, and random piles of dirt would appear on the floors.

The daughters would interact with the spirits present, mainly being friendly, while others were quite angry. Carolyn did some research and discovered the house was in the original family for generations, with many of them dying on the property. Not only did they die, a few were murdered.

Hung in the attic, drowned in the nearby creek, and other various deaths and murders. One of the previous tenants, Bathsheba Sherman, was believed to be a Satanist, was supposedly the spirits that tormented the family the most. It got so horrific, that at one point Carolyn Perron became possessed, speaking in tongues and rising from the ground in her chair.

The movie follows the events that occurred, including Ed and Lorraine Warren, who founded the New England Society for Psychic Research, the oldest ghost hunting group in New England. They were the duo that visited the home, and witnessed the horrifying events portrayed in the movie, and the demon possessions. Lorraine was a consultant on the film and claims that she didn’t let the directors take any more dramatic license than was necessary. Creepy...

An original photo of the house prior to the Perron's moving in.

In terms of market information, the haunted house is a three-bed, 1.5 bath, with a total of 3,100 square feet or so. There is 14 total rooms on 8.5 acres of land. Plenty of room for you, your friends and family, and the spirits that exist there.

This isn't the first time the house was sold. About two years ago, the house was bought for $440,000 by Cory and Jennifer Heinzen. The current owners have turned this into a little tourist attraction, as hundreds and thousands of individuals are lined up to visit the house for $125 per person. The current owners said the purchase has been a "life-changing" event for the couple, and they have experienced quite the "emotional roller coaster". Not sure what that means in this context but it's not really a glowing review for anyone wanting to buy the home.

The Heinzen's have showcased the house for multiple paranormal investigators, including series like "Kindred Spirits" and "Ghost Adventures". They even brought back the Perron Family to visit the home, who never visited the property since leaving.

I remember my freshmen year at Bryant, when Conjuring 2 came out, people swarmed to visit the house, only to be denied by the current owners. Similar to the Amityville Horror House, which the Warren's investigated, it still baffles me that people want to buy AND live in these homes. That's some dark stuff if you ask me. The real question is, how much would it take to spend a night in the house?

Photos: RedFin Real Estate


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