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So you want to be a Yankee, now? Marcus Stroman has informed the Yankees he’s seriously interested in signing with them, but the Yankees have declined to make an offer.

Back in 2014, a rookie Marcus Stroman, was asked what it would be like to pitch at Yankee Stadium.

“What if you’re pitching against the Yankees one day or pitching for the Yankees one day at Yankee Stadium? That’d be crazy.’ This is like ninth or 10th grade of high school, and it’s actually happening on Tuesday, which is pretty surreal. I get the chills just thinking about it.”

Stroman grew up on Long Island and had family relatives who were Yankees fans. He stated he was more of a Knicks and basketball fan as a kid, but like any sports-loving kid, he got caught up in the Yankee dynasty of the late 1990s and idolized Derek Jeter.

After a promising start over the next few years, Stroman became a pitcher who teams wanted to trade for. In 2019, the Blue Jays ace was shockingly traded to the New York Mets, who at the time were 50-55, 11.5 games back in the NL East, and a team six back of the second Wild Card. He was linked to the Red Sox, the Astros, and the team he wanted to be traded to, the New York Yankees. His father told Newsday “He was hoping it was the Yankees… He was kind of psyched, maybe hoping to go there. I’m not going to tell you that he wasn’t.”

His response was wild. Blue Jays beat writer Rob Longley said Stroman’s initial reaction ‘was not pretty’ and confirmed Stroman’s angry response to the trade was the reason the media wasn’t allowed into the clubhouse. He had a complete tantrum, and it was publicly noted.

The Mets traded away their 4th and 6th ranked prospect to Toronto, while it was reported that the opponents' requests were too rich for the Yankees' tastes. In hindsight, trading away Clint Frazier and Clarke Schmidt could have been the answer, but nobody knew back then. It didn't take too long for Stroman to grow salty against the Yanks. In July of that year, he liked a tweet about the Yankees trading for him, which he later "unliked". He then commented on being a "second-half savage", which was a shot at manager Aaron Boone's famous home plate rant. In response to that, general manager Brian Cashman said that Stroman wasn't a difference maker in the rotation. Instead of leaving it there, Stroman doubled down on his comments.

From there, it went all downhill. Anytime Stroman struggled, Yankee fans have returned to his tweets. When he opted out of his 2020 contract, he talked himself out of any deal with the Yankees.

Stro' returned to the Mets for a season, then wound up with the Cubs on a two-year contract for $71 million. He declined his player option this offseason and is now a free agent again. With this offseason being on the slower side and pitchers not signing with clubs yet, Marcus Stroman was hoping that the was forgotten. He informed the Yankees he’s seriously interested in signing with them.

Unfortunately for him, the Yankees have declined to make an offer. Yikes. For the Yankees, their sites are set on bigger fish. They are in the hunt for Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell, and are interested in trading for stars like Shane Bieber, Jesus Luzardo, Dylan Cease, or Corbin Burns.

It sucks because, before his comments and toxic attitude, Stroman would be a perfect addition to the rotation. But sadly, the lesson of the day, comments you make in the past will surely bite you in the future.

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