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Spooky Season Returns, featuring Con Spiracy!

Not many guests have been bestowed the BBB Pod's highest honor, but this week Con Spiracy joins the show to claim his rightfully-earned Hall of Fame plaque.

We're in the thick of spooky season, and 2023 was one of the spookiest to date. With UFO sightings and aliens abound, there was plenty that we had our eyes on this year. We discuss the congressional hearings over the summer relating to UFO's - with Pentagon reports that the USA is receiving "dozens of UFO reports per month," what's up with the uptick this year? We walk through some of the claims made by former Air Force intel officer David Grusch, who alleged that the USA is covering up UFO claims and harming those who come forward. We discuss the possibilities of some major aircraft manufacturers experimenting with extra-terrestrial technologies, and the thought of some countries weaponizing them.

Con also takes us through the alien hoax in Mexico a few months ago, in which hoaxer Jaime Maussan claimed to have found 'non-human' bodies - we go over how this could discredit the UFO movement. Finally, we discuss the Natalee Holloway case - Joran van der Sloot finally admitted he killed Holloway in 2005 after denying it for years, attempting to extort the Holloway family for money in return for the location of the body.


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