The 2nd Annual House Enterprise Fantasy Football League is under way!

You know what time it is... it's football season baby. The House Enterprise Fantasy Football League is BACK! Last year, Zimmer took home the W for Fantasy football, and I won the Pick 'Em Challenge. You can see the results here.

Shoutout to friend of the program and social media sensation, Eric Dunn (aka JEROME), who helped us set the draft in order.


Draft Results

The stage was set by Mr.Dunn and the boys did not disappoint (well maybe). A new element this year is Individual Defensive Players, which is definitely going to shake things up. According to ESPN, Ford is projected to win the league. This would be shocking because he was an auto-drafter and has 4 linebackers on his squad.


The Pick 'Em Challenge

In addition to fantasy, we're ramping up the gambling and bringing up the pick 'em challenge. Each player will pick the winners straight up for each game every week. The exciting part about this is our new partner.

We have teamed up with PlayAction Pools, the future of office sports pools. They provide an exciting platform for sports fans who want to compete with each other. They are the newest and coolest sports pool hosting platform in the industry, providing classic favorites and new spins on some friendly competitions. You can get in on the fun too, click the referral link here and use code "BBB Pod" to set up your official pick em league. Let the games begin!