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The Best TV Shows of 2022

With 2022 coming to an end, it is time to rank the best 5 TV shows I watched this year. Now you have to remember when people rank things, they are based on their own opinions. What someone might find really entertaining might be a total snoozefest to someone else and you gotta respect that. Also need to preference, when doing research I found A LOT of shows that that people considered the best this year that I never even watched. So, just gotta preference that because you might be shocked to not see your faves on here.

Here are the rankings:

5. Hacks (Season 2)

Hacks is a hilarious show on HBO. The 2nd season premiered this year and I believe the 2nd season was actually a lot better than the 1st. It is pretty rare for me to actually audibly laugh when I watch television and movies, but with the second season I was laughing out loud multiple times throughout the watch. As someone in who lives in LA, the characters are just too spot on and it is beyond hilarious to watch.

4. Euphoria (Season 2)

Two HBO shows to start off the list. Euphoria season 2 was a culturally phenomenon. It really felt like the entire world stopped every Sunday at 9 PM EST to watch the show, and then after the show ended, the content of the episodes would flood Twitter and TikTok until it was time for the next episode. A lot of people hated on the season for it being a lot of "nothing" but I loved it. The show's cinematography and coloring is so awesome to watch and the soundtrack is one of the best ever. If you haven't seen this show, you should check it out, however I will say that each episode can be extremely triggering and cover a lot of sensitive subjects.

3. Wednesday

This one is brand new! Wednesday just came out on Netflix the day before Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed this one and I am pretty stern on the idea that Netflix's catalogue of TV and film is pretty trash. They release a great TV show or movie once every 2 years that absolutely blows up which allows them to fund the rest of their garbage projects. This TV show is officially in that category. It is on pace to break Stranger Things record of most hours watched of all time and is already ranked #3 behind Stranger Things and Dahmer. The show has had a massive pop culture impact and has blown up everywhere. I would be SHOCKED if Netflix didn't renew it considering how popular it is. I really enjoyed the show's plot line as well as the cinematography and soundtrack.

2. The Dropout

My final two shows are both on Hulu, so congrats to Hulu for winning 2022. The Dropout premiered in early 2022 and discusses Elizabeth Holmes who developed a healthcare technology that ended up being a massive scam and she turned out to be a massive fraud who is now going to prison. It covers Holmes' entire life starting from her preteens all the way to her exposure as a fraud. This show was awesome and Amanda Seyfried absolutely killed it.

Now...drumroll top show of the year...

1. The Bear

My top show of the year: The Bear! This was a no brainer for me. The show is about a young chef who leaves the world of fine dining to return home to Chicago to run his family's Italian beef sandwich shop after the suicide of his brother. First, I loved Jeremy Allen White in Shameless and I was very excited to see him lead another show. This show was the most stressful tv show I've ever watched but it was also fantastic. It shows the intenseness and rawness of working in a kitchen. The urgency, tension and heightened emotions of working in a restaurant are all put on display in the show. It is not a chill viewing experience. The last episode (won't spoil) had me sweating.

Well, that is my top 5 shows of 2022. Here's to another great year of streaming in 2023!


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