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Come drink with me - The Boston Beer Guy coming for your timeline

If you are either new to this blog or have been here for a while, my name is Ryan Densen but also known as the “The Boston Beer Guy”. I am excited to be a part of the team and I cannot wait to share with you all the great beers I drink (usually 5 a night shhhhhh don’t worry about it). 

Before I dive in please follow me on my social media platforms. It is @Boston_Beers for Instagram, Untapped, and Twitter. I promise that you won't be disappointed. 

Now that we got that out of the way let me introduce myself and my story. 

As mentioned I am The Boston Beer Guy but I didn't start out that way. I studied at Hobart College (Upstate NY) from 2013-2017. I started my craft beer experience around Junior year when I was introduced to Climbing Bines Ale company (@Climbingbines on social). There I met some of the coolest people around. Immediately they brought me in as one of their own by showing me the beer making process and inviting me to their events. Bines was my first taste of craft beer so, I really wanted to drink a lot of it. Being as I was on a college budget and BOGO night for bud lights only came around a few times a week, I adapted their Mug Club membership into the Student Mug club. The Student Mug Club was where HWS students for $150 bucks an academic year could drink beer for half price and get free growlers of beers… amazing deal right? Yeah that's why I created it.

As you can probably tell by senior year I was approached by them to work part time slinging beer over the counter as I spent basically all my time there anyway so might as well get paid right?

During my senior spring I was down a credit and really needed to find something that I could take to let me graduate. I spoke to my professor, who I was close with, and we created an independent study called “ The Food and Beverage industry of the Finger lakes” or something like that. I don't really know... we just drank beer twice a week and rated it on Untapped. That is where my first ever IG name surfaced. The name started as @craftmeousside where I took pics of beers and rated them on IG (Like I do now). This is how the beer instagram started for me. The fact that I got college credit to drink beer is astonishing. 

Fast forward to graduation, a time that no one wants to get to. Moving out of my college house that I loved to moving back in with the parents can be rough. I decided that I would take what I learned from working at Bines and make it my own. So like anyone who was obsessed with beer like I was, I started to make it. I transitioned my IG account to @D&MBrewing where myself and my buddy (Jason) brewed beer in my parents basement. Most breweries start in your basement right? (COUGH COUGH NIGHT SHIFT). So I was hopeful.

I made a few batches including a Summer Ale, IPA, Rhubarb IPA, and a Raspberry Sour. My last beer I brewed was an Allston NE DIPA (See Below) that came out so well people who tasted my beer in comparison to Tree house and Trillium picked my beer (I blindfolded them). Unfortunately I could not recreate the recipe and I put brewing on the back burner. Coming soon to Fall 2020 the return of Boston Beer Brewing!

From there I changed my name to @Boston_Beers where I take semi professional photos of beers and post/rate them on instagram (See Below). I promise you that if you like beer and photography, my page is worth a follow. 

Photo: Ryan Densen

So that's it. That's me. Feel free to DM me whenever and ask questions. I am excited to be a part of the team and I hope you enjoy my beer posts (or whatever I post) coming soon!


The Boston Beer Guy


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