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The Bronx Tale: Five Straight Losses


The curse of Joey Gallo is continues. The Dodgers are 6-0 since acquiring the outfielder.

The Yankees are 0-5...

After a tough series against the Cardinals, it was the first time they were swept in 3 game series all season. Frankie Montas had a horrendous first outing. Jordan Montgomery shined in his debut. The Yankees are now 21-23 in their last 44. First time they were swept in a 3 game series.

What made matters worse was the officiating yesterday. Absolute clown show.

The offense is struggling without Rizzo and Stanton. The starting pitching has been just awful, and the bullpen is losing it's dominance. I don't have any suggestions or answers, but it's a bad time in Yankees world right now.

It's been a busy few days, but my tone has changed writing these blogs. What makes matters worse is the uphill challenge the next few series are. To be honest, it's the most crucial than ever.

  • 3 @ Mariners

  • 3 @ Red Sox

  • 3 vs. Rays

  • 4 vs. Blue Jays

  • 2 vs. Mets

If things are figured out today and this month, we can kiss the seasons success goodbye.


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