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The Bronx Tales: A Camden Yards meltdown. Could this series hurt the year?



Normally, it would be safe to say that games in April don't truly move the needle for a team like the Yankees come the fall. It's a time to get the kinks out and focus on the bigger picture. However, for the Yankees specifically, perfection should be the standard. They cannot afford to lose games to a team that will likely lose 100 games in a season (Sorry O's). The losses can slowly but surely mount up to bite the team in the ass. Take last year for example. They win one more game, they are hosting the Wild Card against Boston at home. They win a couple more and they are in a nicer spot.

I am not one to throw out a season after a weekend series, but it's embarrassing and disheartening. The offense is lackluster, and you can blame Cashman for that. You want to win the AL East? You need to beat up on Baltimore...

Game 1: BAL 2, NYY 1

Friday Night Lights. Just got home for the holidays and tuned in here and there for the game. Monty had the start. 5 innings, 3 hits, 2 strikeouts. Just fine.

The fact that it was tied at 1 for nine innings is just awful. No excuses for the lack of offense. A tip of the cap goes to Stanton, who had three hits and an RBI. Other than that, I mean are we serious?

The bullpen looks great, but I am worried that a burnout will come soon. Hopefully that's not the case if we can get 6 or 7 out of the starters.

The outlier has been Chapman, who blew the game yet again. I mean WTF is up? Not good...

My confidence in the Yankees goes south once extra innings happens. It shouldn't, but it does.

Game 2: NYY 5, BAL 2

A rain delay got things going late for a Saturday, but C'est la vie. Jamo had a fine outing and the offense looked somewhat normal.

11 hits, 5 runs. Nice. Hat tips to Hicks (2 hits, 1 run, 1 walk) Trevino (2 hits, 1 run) and Donaldson (2 hits, 2 RBI's, 1 walk).

Michael King has been that dude. 2 innings, 3 strikeouts, no runs. This guy is nails.

Game 3: BAL 5, NYY 0

Easter Sunday. I didn't get to catch the full game but hopped on fully when Nestor was heating up. This is no fluke, Nasty Nestor is THAT DUDE.

What could possibly ruin this gem of a start? How about the offense forgetting to do their job. Besides DJ's 2 hits, there was only 2 additional.

A loss is a loss, but a shutout is unacceptable.

If the fan favorite Odor, who by the way the Rangers were PAYING US to have on the roster, ended our season or put us in the third Wild Card spot because of this hit, I'll be out on Cashman.

Closing Thoughts (because I am not to thrilled with what's going on)

  • Stop changing the lineup. Keep it consistent and allow guys to get into rhythm and flow. There is way too much movement this early in the season. Also, if a player has 2 RBI's or just a nice hitting game the night before, he should be playing the next day. Is that too much to ask?

  • These players need to be in the lineup every day, no questions asked (Rizzo, Judge, Stanton, LeMahieu, Donaldson)

  • Jose Trevino needs more reps, period.

  • Gleyber is NOT the backup shortstop and stop forcing it.

  • Chapman should get a few middle inning appearances to get back in some kind of zone.

  • Players I am starting to get concerned of: IKF, Gallo, Higgy, Hicks, Torres. If they don't step up then this season is going to turn south, real quick.

Adjustments, hit the ball, win the game, repeat. Onto Detroit...


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