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The Bronx Tales: Beast of the AL East! Yankees clinch the division, now it's time to prep.

Winning the division is always a fun feeling, winning it on the road against a team that was predicted to win it makes it even better.

It finally happened. The AL East is clinched, and the Yankees have pretty much locked up the No. 2 seed in the American League, resulting in the first round bye.

By the numbers, it's the first time since 2019 they've won the East. 19th time overall. 58th playoff appearance in franchise history. 6th consecutive playoff berth. 24th trip to the postseason in the last 28 years (since 1995). The New York Yankees are ready to Chase for 28.

The Yank's have held sole possession of first place in the AL East since April 27th, and last night they celebrated accordingly.

Now it's time to start sharpening the tools. Aaron Judge needs to get this No. 61 over with so he can get his mind off this thing. No more national broadcasts, everyone gasping at his at bats, and all the walks he's amounting to.

Let's test out some bullpen arms, try new closers, openers, whatever needs to be done. Put Peraza at shortstop and see if he cracks the playoff roster or not.

Also, get to over 100 wins, not necessary, but would be cool for the DVD.

Playoff baseball returns to the Bronx on October 11th. As of now, it would be the winner of the Guardians or Mariners. The countdown begins.


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