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The Bronx Tales: Can someone explain why Brian Cashman didn't trade Harrison Bader at the deadline?

Another blog, another Yankee on their way out. This time, Harrison Bader has been placed on the waivers by the Yankees. A few weeks ago, there were conversations about extending him a qualifying offer or potentially signing him to a team friendly bridge deal until Dominguez is ready. That was old news, this is the present day, and the organization has different feelings.

That's the business of baseball, you win some and you lose some. I know it's a business that the organization is running, but the way that Bader found out was kind of classless by the Yankees, not going to lie.

That's bad on Boone, no exceptions, but for real, what does waivers actually mean? Partially kidding, but I was kind of surprised because he was still actively playing today while on the waivers. Per Ken Rosenthal, waiver claims are awarded in reverse order of winning percentage as of Thursday. Teams on fringes of wild-card race likely to be most aggressive claimers.

It's a shame that it didn't work out because Bader truly brought some personalty and funk to this team. What really earks me is why he wasn't traded at the deadline? I am sure a contender would have scooper him up for some prospect chips. Heck, the Yankees shipped off Joey Gallo for a top ten Dodgers prospect? That fact that he wasn't dealt was straight up malpractice by Cash.

Long story short, this was another = trade that really didn't do much, and makes me question Cashman's ability. Again, Jordan Montgomery was an average pitcher who would have been a free agent this year anyway, and centerfield was a needed position at the time (and still kind of is?), but it was a wash on both sides once Bader exits the Bronx.

All in all, he ended up playing 96 out of the possible 188 games, slashing a line of .239/.274/.358, while Montgomery didn't miss a start with 216 innings pitched and boasting a 3.17 ERA. Bader had a nice playoff run, but has been lost at the plate and also constantly injured.

Would I do the trade all over again knowing this? No. Monty would have been a serviceable starter, especially with the mess the rotation has been in. I'm curious to see what's next for the Yanks. Does Bader get claimed and open up a spot for Dominguez? That's a fast track to the majors but honestly, why not at this point?


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