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The Bronx Tales - How are we feeling after the first series? Yankees/Red Sox Recap

First weekend in the books, so how are we feeling? Not too shabby of a start, a nice little confidence boost. Some early thoughts from me. The defense is solid, the bullpen is looking sharp, the bats are starting to awake. Still some areas to improve but not bad! Some of my thoughts and weekend commentary below.

Saturday Soiree

I trekked across the city for some day drinking. Allston-Southie-Seaport-Brighton. I put some steps on, and deleted some beers along the way. I wish the game was at Fenway, because I'd 100% would have been there.

Either way, it was nice seeing Sevy on the bump. He was throwing some absolute heat, and collected 5K's. He really could be the biggest different maker this season. His first inning was sketchy, but so was Cole's. Things recovered behind some homeruns, but it's unsettling at first.

I won't be mad if that's the case, but damn is it true. Yet, the Yankees figured out how to come back on top, especially via the home run route. Giancarlo has the Sox's number right now, homering in six straight against Boston. Speaking of homers, Rizzo hit three in a row against the Sox too.

The homeruns are the attention grabbers, but how about the bullpen? After Sevy's retired in the third, six relievers came in and each threw hitless innings. Big time. Chapman collects the save, and 2-0 for the season.

Boston wasn't too fazed by the loss. The crowd at Coogan's was silent most of the game. It was a nice early W on both fronts as a Yankees fan.

Sunday Finale

4-3 loss. Watched at home hungover but with leftover Raising Cane's (No free ads but that place slaps). A sweep would have been nice, but a series win is a good start. Some areas of improvement but it's the first series. New faces, new lineup, new strategy.

Rizzo and Stanton remain hot, combining for four hits and two walks. Montgomery showed some promise and shine. 16 more times this season, let's keep the momentum.

Some early thoughts...

  • The starters are going to need to some time to get warmed up and consistent

  • I hope the bullpen doesn't get gassed too early

  • I think DJ and Gleyber are going to need constant at bats

  • IKF and Hicks are definitely the weak links on offense

  • Stay patient with Judge and Gallo

It's time for the next big challenge, a four game slate against the Blue Jays. Buckle up...

Side Note - Now I saw a lot of people on Twitter giving mixed reviews on the Kay-Rod Cast, but I kinda liked it. I'd even say it was better than Sunday Night Baseball. A take indeed, but Michael Kay is a pro's pro and I loved the stories and insight A-Rod provided. I liked the guest list too. Passan chose violence, I love the Big Papi-ARod pairing, and Clemens is always interesting. I hope Jomboy gets on there soon. It's no Manning-Cast, but I liked the addition.


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