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The Bronx Tales: I am 100% convinced Domingo German's foreign substance is longcut dip.

Yankees win another one in Toronto, but at the expense of losing Domingo German for ten games. The pitcher was decked for a "foreign substance" found on his hand, and was ejected. He now faces suspension, similarly to what recently happened to Max Scherzer.

A few weeks ago, German was questioned about his hand. Umps checked it and he was clearly within the parameters of being okay. The combination of sweat and rosin clearly create a tac-like presence on the hand, which helps with gripping, but I am convinced it was something additional.

Longcut Chewing Tobacco.

Is this a coping mechanism? Maybe, but I am 100% convinced that this is dip. I mean, have you seen this guys lower lip? This guy chaws dawgs like CC Sabathia.

I guess by the books, chewing tobacco is illegal, per the MLB collective bargaining agreement. Chewing tobacco is banned for all new Major League Baseball players. Smokeless tobacco is also banned in 16 of 30 MLB stadiums.

The ejection blows, but the Yankees secured the win, and are now tied with the Blue Jays in the W column in the AL East. Clearly, this was another cry from Toronto after last nights "cheating allegations". Between Judge's three home runs, the bickering and banter from the bench coaches, and now this ejection, the Blue Jays have solidified themselves as Class A Sore Losers, and only want to win by throwing tantrums.

This clearly is

The Yankees can't afford to lose another pitcher, so the loss of Domingo is not great to hear. Thankfully, Luis Severino is expected to be back this week. I think it's time for Domingo to drop the dip, and transition into becoming a Zyn guy.


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