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The Bronx Tales: Nothing like the Yankees trolling fans on this fine Monday.

Massive day for MLB signings. With Winter Meetings underway in San Diego, we've got the first taste of some big names

Justin Verlander to the Met on a 2 Year, $86M deal. Wow!

Tre Turner to the Phillies on a 11 Year, $300M deal. Damn!

The Yankees? Brian Cashman to a four-year deal to return as the GM. Great...

Any Yankee fan thinking that Cash wasn't going to be part of the picture is just idiotic. No shit he was returning, and to be honest, good. He's one of the best GM's this century. Yeah, the results haven't been there since 2009, but get a hold of yourself. Cash isn't entirely at fault with the Yankees woes.

My issue with this move being announced is the timing. Are you serious? You watched the Mets snag Verlander after countless bullshit excuses from Yankees brass that he never wanted to pitch in New York. Reports are saying that Yankees didn't want to toss him a third year. I really don't care, it would have been cool, but it is what it is.

If Aaron Judge isn't a Yankee by end of the week, then Cashman can go pound sand with his new contract.


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