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The Bronx Tales: Rain delay equals a sweep and seven game win streak for the Yankees.


Scenes from the stadium were crazy tonight. Another packed house awaiting Judge's historic milestone long ball, but the entertainment came at the rain delay. Lightning, massive puddles, the whole stadium signing karaoke, it truly was a movie.

I thought I was gonna have to stay up late for this but, but the powers at be called the game after 6th. No better way to celebrate my 700th blog then a Yankees sweep. The Red Sox season continues to be a disaster, and they can dream about Judge dawning the Boston jersey one day, but for tonight, they should worry about a last place finish, and the potential of Bogarts leaving come the offseason.

But back to the good stuff. Is this team back or what? Now I know, it's two last place teams, but the team is coming together so gracefully right now.

The offense is waking up. Stanton is warming up. Judge is still putting the ball in play, despite waiting to break history. Gleyber Torres is becoming Mr. September right in front of our eyes. In the last 7 games, he's slashing a line of .375/.516/.792 with 3 homers and 8 RBI's. Oswaldo Cabrera is showing of his long ball and tremendous defense, while Harrison Bader is proving that Cashman found another gem after all.

There are still some concerns, but minor. The bullpen has seen some shakiness, and Gerrit Cole needs to come out and dominate like and ace, and stop throwing home run balls. But now with a more comfortable 8.5 lead of the division, the next games are still crucial, but a time to get all of the kinks out come October.

Big series coming up against the Blue Jays. Hopefully the momentum continues.

PS - The win tonight is even sweeter for me because Nestor Cortes earning the win pushed me over the hump to make my fantasy baseball finals. Thank you Good Sir!


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