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The Bronx Tales: Series loss to the Sox, what gives and what to do to fix the skid?

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Losing sucks. Losing to the Red Sox sucks even more. Having incredible tickets at Fenway and watching them blow it in extras is pitiful. A weekend of just bad baseball. If IKF didn't have the game of his career Saturday, it would have been an easy sweep without question...

The Yankees have lost 9 of their last 11. Somehow they still have a 10 game lead, but with 7 games against the Rays and Blue Jays over the course of this week, the comfy AL East cushion could now be in trouble.

Now I sound like a whiny Yanks fan, but after witnessing the horse shit this past weekend, I am now in concern mode. If Cashman and company had any care of this season and it's fans, they need a spark. Call some reinforcements and get some youth to help shape things up.

You have four guys chilling in the minors right now, who I am certain, would make an instant impact and become x factors in their own accord...

  • Ron Marinaccio

  • Clarke Schmidt

  • Oswald Peraza

  • Oswaldo Cabrera

All are MLB ready, and all need to be helping this team rather than waiting in the wings.

The areas are concerns stem from the offense. Some days, they knock in 10+ runs with ease, other days, they get blanked. Yankees have 6 games with 2 hits or fewer, tied with the Tigers and A's for the most in MLB this season. Not great company.

Stanton is missed in this lineup and it shows. Take Judge out of the lineup and this team can't do much (should be noted for any offseason negotiations.) Josh Donaldson and Gleyber Torres are more harmful than helpful right now. What is Marwin doing for the squad right now? IKF is average as it gets, but that's what Cash wanted, a stop-gap.

Oswald Peraza is the current no. 35 ranked prospect in all of baseball. He's playing phenomenal defense, and his bat isn't too shabby (.964 OPS since June 11th). I get if the Yankees want use him now (even though I disagree with prospect hugging and coddling), but why not utility man Oswaldo Cabrera. Since July 15th the utility man has an 1.118 OPS. In that time he's played second, short, third, left and right. This is no brainer stuff right here.

What a potential roster should look like at this point... (when healthy)

  • 1B: Rizzo

  • 2B: DJLM or Torres

  • SS: Peraza or Cabrera

  • 3B: IKF or DJLM

  • C: Trevino

  • RF: Judge

  • CF: Bader

  • LF: Benintendi

  • DH: Stanton

  • Bench: Higgy, Torres, Donaldson, Hicks

The bullpen is having a little identity crisis. Clay Holmes is lost. Lucas Leutge isn't good. Loasiga is having issues. Chapman is back? But the games are being lost secondly because of pitching. So why the hell is Ron Marinaccio not on this team? Because he has options left? Are you kidding me. He has given up ONE RUN in his last 22 innings. He is better than Albert Abreau. Clarke Schmidt is another player that has proven time after time his value, and he's log jammed. He is a starter of the future, but right now, he can eat some much needed innings.

When the team is healthy and on, it's World Series bound. Right now, it's first round exit at best. Don't let a Judge MVP season and historic start falter come September...

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