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The Bronx Tales: The tango with Toronto. First series against the Blue Jays recap.


Game 1: TOR 3, NYY 0

The biggest challenge in the AL, let alone the AL East is going to be the Blue Jays. They are so nice with it, and have defined what baseball teams should do. Splurge on free agency and grow some talent. They do both.

After a long day of work and a case of the Mondays, I was ready for some baseball.

Taillon was on the bump, and he did fine. I mean Springer pimped a homerun, but 6Ks in 5 innings, I'll take it from Jamo. The bats were quiet, except for Gallo, who had two hits.

First dud of the year.

Game 2: NYY 4, TOR 0

It was 70 degrees in Providence. Went for a two mile walk, followed by the gym, then cooked myself a steak, sat on the roof, and watched the pregame on YES. The vibes were great until the broadcast was overlapped with the Spanish call. Didn't mind it at first, but it was impossible to hear after a few.

The vibes switched back once Nasty Nestor Cortes came on the mound. Is he our ACE?! I mean, last season was no fluke. 4.1 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs, 5ks, you LOVE to see it.

We got shutout, then shut out them. Baseball is weird, but it was nice that the Yankees returned the favor.

Game 3: TOR 6, NYY 4

Vladdy. Jr. Is. Going. To. Be. A. Problem. For. YEARS.

Three homeruns, 4 hits, this guy is going to be the MVP.

This game was a hard fought one, but I am starting to get worried about Cole. I know I shouldn't but it's just alarming how different he is every start. He struck out six, but I need the homeruns to stop. Now.

After the monster performance by Vlad, it was tough to get the momentum back. Rizzo and Judge did go back-to-back followed up with a DJ double, which was electric, but it wasn't enough. The rest of the lineup needs to start hitting. I know it's only a small sample size, but still, win the damn ball game.

Anthony Rizzo keeps hitting the piss out of the ball. He may very well smash 40 homers this year. I am happy the Yanks resigned him.

Game 4: NYY 3, TOR 0

With the rain delay, I decided to go grab a beer and an empanada down the block (shoutout Providence Brewing and Perfect Empanada). I was fueled up for the game.

I made it back just in time for first pitch, and Sevy was locked and loaded. He was so back tonight. It was quite refreshing. If he could be the Ace he was before the injuries, that will be HUGE for the season.

The starters are getting into the groove, the bullpen is lights out, and the top of the order is hammering the ball. The bottom of the order has NOT had it. IKF is colder the cold man. Boone mentioned that it's not a concern, but things need to change quick.

Tonight that happened. IKF had three hits and scored two runs, and backup catcher Jose Trevino knocked in two RBI's. You really love to see it. Gotta give credit to Boone. He inspired the slumping IKF and managed the bullpen perfectly. Hats off to the Skipper.

Speaking of not having it, Chapman did NOT have it tonight either. Three straight walks in the top of the ninth, not where we need to be. Boone pulled him, but have no fear, MIke King saved the damn ballgame.

Split the series, 4-3 homestand to start the year. Now off to Baltimore then Detroit. Time to collect six wins. Happy Easter folks!


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