The Bronx Tales: What a week for the Yanks. 6 big wins against the AL East brings their total to 51.

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Last week, I penned that the Yankees were about to face their toughest stretch of games. The meat of the AL, the competitors, the division rivals, the whole nine yards. I was content if they went .500. They walked out of the three series against the Rays and Blue Jays winning them all, passing go, collecting 6 wins out of 8, and surpassing the 50 mark in the W column. They now hold a 12 game lead of the division, and Tampa Bay has fallen to 4th.

You couldn't have asked for a better week.

Side Note: I've said this before on numerous podcasts and tweets. It's World Series or bust at this point. And honestly, it’s completely on the Yankees if they don’t win a World Series this year. They have the talent and they close out and dominate games. It's all or nothing this season...

And to add to that point. That stats back it up. I don't want to hear that its the first half and they play bad teams. Literally shut up. This team is special and you know it!

Cole racked in strikeouts. Judge and Rizzo added to their tally of homers. The pitching performed quite well, and the offense went on a tear. It was great baseball indeed. The only downside is this Isaac Paredes character on the Rays now. He was traded from the Tigers for Austin Meadows, who was a Yankee killer for sure. Paredes decided to claim that role and knocked in four homers in two games... C'est La Vie.

This blog isn't meant for lengthy recaps, just raw reactions, but I have to highlight the savior of tonight's game. Hip Hip, Jose Trevino. This guy has been special. What a move by Cashman to acquire him. Might I add, he acquired him for free now.

He has the most defensive runs saved by a catcher with 12 this season. He also ranks No. 1 in pitch framing statistics and strike zone runs saved. Guy is a wizard behind the plate. We knew he would be an major upgrade at defense over Gary, but his offense has been quite the surprise. He's batting .278 with 5 homers, 19 RBI's, and 16 runs scored. He's playing such incredible baseball, he's actually 2nd in All-Star voting for AL Catchers. Which brings up the next point. The Yankees should be leading the AL with players like the 2015 Royals did.

And that doesn't include Nestor, Taillon, King, and Holmes (at least).

Something special is brewing in the Bronx...

So what's next in this gauntlet of games. It's the Astros. The team that has been the monkey on their back for years. This season, the Yankees have 7 games on them. Hopefully they can take care of business and assert their dominance. I'm looking forward to Friday's matchup. Verlander vs. Severino. On Saturday? Gerrit Cole takes the mound. Way too early prediction? No-No. Book it.