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The Bronx Tales: Who's Your Daddy?

One of the most electric environments I've ever been to. Walking into the stadium, I felt like I was drunk. The room was buzzing, the vibes were high, it was indescribable.

What a game, what a series. It never is easy, but after this stretch, nothing is impossible. Nestor came in and shoved. Stanton and Judge got the crowd going crazy with their bombs. Naylor gave the Yankees (and the fans) the rally cry for this sweet victory.

It's time for Houston...

The roster dropped and the pitching staff will see some new arms joining, with Frankie Montas and Greg Weissert coming in to replenish the bullpen. We also know that Hicks is going to be out the rest of the playoffs after banging knees with Oswaldo. Hate to see it, but what does that mean? DJ LeMahieu is also off, which sucks. Carpenter needs to get some more consistent reps, but is his defense ready for a championship game? Peraza is back with the squad, but are they going to start a rookie? IKF, well, it's telling that his defense is an issue, but made some clean plays when he came in. Here is how things could shake out.

When in Houston

  • Carpenter LF, Donaldson 3B, Cabrera SS

  • Stanton LF, Carpenter 3B, Cabrera SS

When in New York

  • Cabrera LF, IKF or Peraza SS

  • Stanton LF, Carpenter DH, Cabrera SS

Boone will have plenty of decisions to make. The Astros will be well rested, and determined to head back to yet another World Series. However, this Yankees team feels different. The offense is coming from more than just Judge, the pitching can be nails, and this team has grit. We wanted Houston in this moment, know it's time to go win the damn thing.


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