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The College Hoops Digest Gambling Show: S1V1 - Week of January 11th, 2022


What's up everybody! College Hoops is in full swing and we're bringing you the first ever Gambling Show on CHD, presented by House Enterprise. Sam Basel, Josh Adams, Jake Zimmer and myself are coming with you every week with our college hoops takes and gambling picks. Here's the format we're working with.

  • 3-5 Picks (Money Line, Spread, O/U)

  • 1 Lock of the Week

  • 1 Upset Alert

We'll be tracking our picks week over week to see who is the Gambler of the Month/Season in the House Enterprise and College Hoops Digest world. Let's take a look at what the crew chose for this week.

We had some controversy around the Wake Forest/Duke matchup. Basel was a strong believer in the upset, where Josh and myself were riding heavy on the Blue Devils.

Good conversation with the gents and we're ready to roll for the rest of the season. If you missed our live space, give it a listen on the official House Enterprise Twitter Space Podcast. Cheers!

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