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The Football House x BBB Podcast: CFP Selection Review & Predictions with Cole Hughes

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

It's December, which means Bowl Season is underway! In this special edition of BBB, we bring in our resident college football expert Cole Hughes for our The Football House segment, which airs every week on X @TheHouse_Ent.

We first break down some of the big games from last week: Washington knocked off Oregon to solidify their spot as the #2 seed, while Alabama marked its massive upset against Georgia. What happened afterwards had many up in arms - Alabama and Texas sneak in to the College Football Playoff, while undefeated Florida State was snubbed after being in the top five all year. Did Alabama deserve to plummet multiple places ahead, and did Texas deserve to be in as well? We break down Michigan's reaction to playing the Crimson Tide, the odds for the Rose Bowl, and who our favorites well as if Jim Harbaugh deserves the same treatment as other NCAA coaches of years past. We make a pick for one of the nation's greatest rivalries, the Army-Navy Game.


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