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The House Enterprise: 31 Nights of Halloween

As the calendar turns from August to September, we might go through a lot of different emotions. Post-summer blues, allergies start to slowly kick in, we find ourselves donning light sweaters in the early mornings and then later on as the sun sets, some of us might try to get our last minute Labor Day camping trips in as we do our best to squeeze any last little bit of fun out of the warm weather as it slowly wanes. We here at House Enterprise have a lot of things to look forward to in September. The NFL returns, hockey and basketball are right around the corner, and the MLB postseason race starts to heat up, but if there is one thing that I might look forward to even more than all those things, at least for one month, it's Halloween.

I spend the entire month of September planning how I'm going to maximize my October fright. Which horror movies and shows I might watch, nostalgic video games to revisit, visiting haunted houses, trips to Salem, Massachusetts and Sleepy Hollow, New York, true crime podcasts and documentaries, you name it. Any way I can get a cheap scare in, sign me up.

As I head into (almost) my fourth year here with the House, the following list was something I always wanted to do, but unfortunately missed out on. I figured, now is as good a time to start as any.

So, my fellow Halloween/horror fans, grab your popcorn, your favorite pumpkin beverage, turn the lights down low, and let's get spooky; here is House Enterprise's 31 Nights of Halloween.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a family-friendly list. Some of the following entries are a little more intense than others, so under each entry I will be giving an intensity score, but be warned, I have been watching these types of movies my whole life, so my sense of what is intense and what isn't, might be different for you.


October 1st: Friday the 13th (1980)

I figured this classic summer camp slasher flick might be a good starting point for those of you who are having a hard time accepting that the season has come and gone. Also, if you have a fall camping trip coming up, this one might make it a little more "exciting."

This film is about as cheesy as it gets as far as today's standards are concerned, but I think that is what helps this movie keep it's charm, even 43 years later.

If you enjoy this film, there are about a dozen entries in the franchise. Obviously, there are some that are way better than others, so I probably wouldn't waste my time without doing some research first if I were you.

"A group of camp counselors trying to reopen a summer camp called Crystal Lake, which has a grim past, are stalked by a mysterious killer." -IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 2nd: Rosemary's Baby (1968)

If you're someone like me, then there is absolutely nothing better than atmospheric horror. Keep your jump scares and your blood and guts, I'll take a creepy atmosphere and an ominous theme over the former any day, and that's exactly what you'll get with Rosemary's Baby.

"A young couple trying for a baby moves into an aging, ornate apartment building on Central Park West, where they find themselves surrounded by peculiar neighbors." -IMDb

Intensity level: Low


October 3rd: It Follows (2014)

Getting a little more modern now, this movie to me was an instant classic, and quite possibly my second favorite horror movie of the last 10 years. While it debut as an indie film in 2014 at Cannes Film Festival, the film was so well received after a limited release that is was finally given to us worldwide a year later in 2015.

I have seen this film about 4-to-5 times, and it still gives me chills after each and every viewing.

"A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter."- IMDb

Intensity level: Medium-to-high


October 4th: Insidious (2010)

With the recent release of Insidious: The Red Door, now is about as good a time as any to get into the franchise, and obviously the first film from 2010 is a great starting point.

"A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further."- IMDb

Intensity level: Very high


October 5th: The Omen (1976)

This was the first horror movie that I ever got up the courage to actually sit through and watch by myself in a dark empty house when I was 13, so it holds a special place in my heart. It's probably also the source of all my adult anxieties and trust issues, so thanks.

"Mysterious deaths surround an American ambassador. Could the child that he is raising actually be the Antichrist? The Devil's own son?"- IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 6th: Psycho (1960)

I mean, surely everyone knows about Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, no? Not only does this movie contain the most iconic scene in the history of the horror genre, but it is quite possibly one of the most iconic and recognizable scenes in any movie ever, and obviously I'm talking about the shower scene.

Even if you've never seen Psycho, then you have more than likely heard of Netflix's 2013 spinoff show, Bates Motel.

"A Phoenix secretary embezzles $40,000 from her employer's client, goes on the run and checks into a remote motel run by a young man under the domination of his mother."- IMDb

Intensity level: Low


October 7th: Sinister (2012)

Another one of my absolute favorite horror movies from the last decade (or so) 2010's Sinister is a movie that will have you on edge for hours after it ends. It is one of the only films that I lose sleep over, and I consider myself a pretty desensitized guy when it comes to horror movies.

"A controversial true crime writer finds a box of super 8 home movies in his new home, revealing that the murder case he is currently researching could be the work of an unknown serial killer whose legacy dates back to the 1960s." - IMDb

Intensity level Very high


October 8th: The Babadook

Back-to-back favorites of mine, The Babadook is another movie that I am usually very weary of each and every time I decide to dive back into it.

"A single mother and her child fall into a deep well of paranoia when an eerie children's book titled "Mister Babadook" manifests in their home."- IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 9th: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

After two intense entries back-to-back, we'll take a slight break tonight with the comedy horror, An American Werewolf in London. This was one of the first horror movies that I was introduced to as a kid and it still holds a special place in my heart till this day.

"Two American college students on a walking tour of Britain are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists."-IMDb

Intensity level: Low


October 10th: Barbarian (2022)

This will be the newest entry on this year's list, and it's a movie that I haven't stopped raving about since I saw it last year. This one will surely make you wonder about what lurks below the next Airbnb you rent...

The first 30 minutes of this movie will have you convinced that you already know what's happening... but you will soon find out that you truly do not.

"A woman staying at an Airbnb discovers that the house she has rented is not what it seems."- IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 11th: The Witch (2016)

This film is a favorite for people such as myself who are both history buffs and horror fans. This film is set during the New England witch craze of the 1600's that led up to the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Disclaimer: Watch this film with subtitles on. Sometimes the extremely thick and accurately depicted colonial-American accent can be hard to understand.

"A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession."-IMDb

Intensity level: Medium-to-high


October 12th: The Poltergeist (1982)

Not only is this a classic American horror film, but it's also a Steven Spielberg film, and we all know what that guy is capable of.

"A family's home is haunted by a host of demonic ghosts."- IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 13th: IT (1990 or 2017)

Personally, I enjoy the 1990 original made-for-TV version of Stephen King's IT more than I do the 2017 remake, but I'm not taking anything away from the remake. It's still a great film, and it's responsible for introducing a whole new generation to possibly Stephen King's best known monster, Pennywise the Clown.

Both versions of the movies are a two-part film. If you've seen the films before, watch whichever one you like best, part 1 or 2. If you've never had the chance to get around to it, start with part 1 (obviously)

"In 1960, seven pre-teen outcasts fight an evil demon who poses as a child-killing clown. Thirty years later, they reunite to stop the demon once and for all when it returns to their hometown."- IMDb

Intensity level: Medium-to-high


October 14th: The Evil Dead (1981)

Perhaps you've seen the trailers for the new Evil Dead: Rise recently, or you saw the 2013 remake, but the original 1981 cult classic film is what makes our list this year.

This is another film that shows it's age in the "cheesy" department, but much like what I said with Friday the 13th, that's part of what keeps faithful fans coming back.

"Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons."- IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 15th: Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Ask any fan of the Evil Dead series, and they'll tell you, you can't watch the first without immediately following it up with the sequel, which is widely considered to be the better of the two films.

If you weren't a fan of Evil Dead 1, go ahead and use this night as a free pass to watch something light hearted, or swap it with another horror movie you've been wanting to see.

"The lone survivor of an onslaught of flesh-possessing spirits holes up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack."- IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 16th: Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Another classic slasher flick, much like Friday the 13th, there are way more than your fair share of options to choose from in this franchise, but we're going to go with the original.

"Teenager Nancy Thompson must uncover the dark truth concealed by her parents after she and her friends become targets of the spirit of a serial killer with a bladed glove in their dreams, in which if they die, it kills them in real life."- IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 17th: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Less of a horror movie and more of a thriller, The Silence of the Lambs is still a perfect watch for a spooky October night. Since this isn't technically considered a horror movie, think of this night as a reprieve. We'll be back with the intensity tomorrow.

"A young F.B.I. cadet must receive the help of an incarcerated and manipulative cannibal killer to help catch another serial killer, a madman who skins his victims."-IMDb

Intensity level: Low


October 18th: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Widely considered to be one of the more disturbing slasher, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a high adrenalin rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Unlike the other slasher films on this list, this one still very much holds up to this day, and I do not consider it to be cheesy even in the slightest.

This movie has been remade over and over and over again, including a recent Netflix exclusive remake in 2022, but so far, none of the remakes have been able to even hold a candle to the original.

"Five friends head out to rural Texas to visit the grave of a grandfather. On the way they stumble across what appears to be a deserted house, only to discover something sinister within. Something armed with a chainsaw."- IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 19th: The Exorcist (1973)

The Godfather of all exorcism movies, would it even truly be Halloween if we didn't include this film on the list?

We're watching this one just in time for the highly anticipated The Exorcist: Believer, which by the time October 19th rolls around, the film will have been in theatres for almost two weeks.

"When a young girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter."- IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 20th: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

I apologize to the zombie genre fans that it took this long to get to our first zombie movie, but unfortunately it'll be our first and only zombie movie on the list.

A remake of the 1978 George A. Romero film of the same name, 2004's Dawn of the Dead has cemented itself as just as much of a classic as the original is.

"A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall." - IMDb

Intensity level: Low


October 21st: The Visit (2015)

Now, let me preface this off by saying that I am not a fan of the "found footage" genre. Paranormal Activity, VHS, The Blair Witch Project, I wasn't super blown away by any of them. I just happen to think they're lazy and they have never really done anything for me.

However, 2015's The Visit, is a found footage film that actually gets it right. It's not 100% found footage, it's a hybrid between a traditional way of filming and using "found footage" in some of the scenes, but it's done extremely well, and that's why it made my list.

"Two siblings become increasingly frightened by their grandparents' disturbing behavior while visiting them on vacation." - IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 22nd: The House that Jack Built (2018)

I did not see this movie upon it's release. It might have been a year or two after it came out that I finally even found out about it's existence through referrals from friends and family. Once I finished my first viewing of the film, my immediate reaction was "this has got to be one of the most underrated horror films I can think of. How come no one is talking about this movie?!" And ever since then, I have made it my mission to recommend it whenever I can.

"The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his inner madman." - IMDb

Intensity level: Low-to-medium


October 23rd: Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (1978)

I admittedly only watched this film for the first time in mid September of this year. It's been on my watch list for years and years, I've always heard great things about it, I always knew it was a classic, but for some reason I just always found myself watching something else.

In preparation for making this list, I finally sat down and watched it as part of my "research" that I would tell people I was doing when I didn't want to admit that I was just watching movies and doing nothing else.

This one is for fans of the extraterrestrial.

"When strange seeds drift to earth from space, mysterious pods begin to grow and invade San Francisco, replicating the city's residents one body at a time." - IMDb

Intensity level: Low


October 24th: Mother! (2017)

If you're someone who enjoys films that take an old ancient story and give it a modern twist, then this is a great film for you. I will not tell you which story they're retelling in this film, because that would spoil it. You'll have to watch, figure it out, and have fun as you examine and try to connect as many dots as possible, because they're are a lot.

This is a retelling of possibly the most famous story ever told throughout human history. That's the only hint I'll give.

"A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence." - IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 25th: Gerald's Game (2017)

This is another film that I feel like every time I ask about it, no one has seen it. So it's also on the top of my list to recommend to anyone anytime the topic is brought up.

Extremely underrated, which is surprising given that this is a Stephen King story.

"A couple tries to spice up their marriage in a remote lake house. After the husband dies unexpectedly, the wife is left handcuffed to their bed frame and must fight to survive and break free."- IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 26th: The Black Phone (2021)

Another film that I've heard great things about since it came out, but never got around to watching until it came time for my "research" into this list. This is also the second horror film starring Ethan Hawke on this list so good for him...

"After being abducted by a child killer and locked in a soundproof basement, a 13-year-old boy starts receiving calls on a disconnected phone from the killer's previous victims." - IMDb

Intensity level: Medium


October 27th: Jacobs Ladder (1990)

This film is a tale of psychosis, and places you directly in the middle of the main character's life, doing an amazing job of completely immersing you in the story.

"Mourning his dead child, a haunted Vietnam War veteran attempts to uncover his past while suffering from a severe case of dissociation. To do so, he must decipher reality and life from his own dreams, delusions, and perceptions of death." - IMDb

Intensity level: Medium-to-high


October 28th: Midsommar (2019)

Midsommar was one of the films that firmly placed itself right into the middle of an amazing lineup of A24 horror films. This movie has helped cement A24 as one of the great film studios of this generation.

"A couple travels to Northern Europe to visit a rural hometown's fabled Swedish mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult." - IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 29th: Hereditary (2018)

Another A24 banger. Truly, I cannot say enough about this film. My second favorite horror film of all time, and it's right up there in my top 10 movies in general. I remember when I went into this film for the first time, I was disinterested and the only reason I did it was because the people I was with wanted to see it. Funny how life works, because by the end of it, I immediately wanted to start it over, and I'm the only one out of said group that really fell in love with it.

I have watched this movie probably twice a year since it came out, and it has made it's way into my regular lineup of comfort movies, which is weird because it really does deeply disturb me every single time I watch it. An instant classic.

I'm probably overhyping it but I do not care. Go watch it.

"A grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences." - IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 30th: The Shining (1980)

This is my favorite horror film of all time and in my top three favorite films ever. Much like what I wrote about Hereditary, I really can't say enough about The Shining. This was a movie that I was introduced to as a young and impressionable kid, and it was the movie that made me fall in love with the horror genre.

For years my family and I used to head up the the White Mountains in New Hampshire every October, and a group viewing of The Shining was a must, but probably because I annoyed everyone about it.

It scared me to death as a kid, and even as an adult it still disturbs me to my core.

Everything from Jack Nicholson's masterful performance as Jack Torrance, to Wendy Carlos' and Rachel Elkind's original music score is pure perfection and a masterclass in how to craft an iconic horror film.

"A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where a sinister presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from both past and future." - IMDb

Intensity level: High


October 31st: Halloween (1978)

And of course, the entry that we all knew was coming... John Carpenter's 1978 classic, Halloween.

What else are you going to watch on this night? It should be considered a crime to even think about watching something different on Halloween. Michael Myers, possibly the most iconic horror villain, has become a pop culture icon since his debut 75 years ago. He is as recognizable as Luke Skywalker and Homer Simpson, and if you don't watch Halloween on Halloween night, then just throw your whole October in the garbage.

Intensity level: We've all seen it before. You know what to expect.


To those of you who tuned in and followed along all October long (probably just me) I thank you very much! I had so much fun doing this list, and I'll be back next October with a brand new list. I hope you all had a great fall season. Cheers.


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