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The House Enterprise Fantasy League Season 3, Draft Results - Presented by PlayAction Pools.

We'reeeeee backkkkk. Season 3 of The House Enterprise Fantasy League, presented by PlayAction Pools. New year, new content, and newcomers joining the crew. We're up to 12 teams, and the competition is fierce. Last week, we dropped the intro, and T.J Houshmandzadeh gave out the order. Here are the results.

Some thoughts after the draft.

  • I left that draft the least confident I have ever left a draft, yet I am projected 1st. Humble brag. I don't buy into the AI that ESPN has going on, but again, I'll take the ranking.

  • SSBT grabbing both CMC and Saquon is such a sneaky good move. It will either be a masterclass move, or an injury ridden duo, either way I am impressed with their team as a whole.

  • Basel's team intrigues me. An incredible QB-2RB-1WR combo up top, with great value across the board from both vets and rookies.

  • I think Normal Guy is gonna have a sneaky season.


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