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The inevitable happened. Mac Jones era in New England has begun. Cam Newton released by the Patriots

Schefty, I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet?! What an absolute blindsiding, out of left-field, an absolute bomb of a drop. Cam Newton, the former MVP, has been cut by the Pats. Is this the end for him?

I have had this conspiracy for a couple of weeks now. I truly think the Pats were all in on the future and Mac was their guy. But how can they do it without stating the obvious? Well, the whole COVID test fiasco was a good start.

  1. There is no way in hell (no matter who the player is) that there can be a "confusion" about the COVID rules. The Patriots run a tight ship, and no BS slips through the crack.

  2. Cam 100% had to have known the rules, if not someone in his camp is iterating it.

  3. I think the Patriots wanted Jones since they drafted him. Cam is fun but considered a distraction? I don't know but this was there out. The set the stage for Cam to become this distraction, which allowed the rookie Jones to go out and do his job

  4. The former Alabama star did not disappoint this preseason. Jones finished the Patriots’ three preseason games, all of which they won, throwing 36 of 52 passes (69%) for 389 yards and a touchdown.

The most confusing piece of this all was that two hours ago, Belichick said "Cam Newton is definitely moving in the right direction". I guess that direction was off the team! As a non-Patriot fan, I am truly stunned. I even think the Pats fans are stunned too. The only thing now is to move along. Hopefully, Jones proves to the Pats that this was the right move. So now what does game one look like? Well, it'll definitely be a doozy...

Week 1: The Battle of Tuscaloosa.

Mac vs. Tua.

Roll Tide.

Photo: AP Photo / Vasha Hunt


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