The Knicks draft... Ousmane Dieng. No Jalen Duren. Neither? Future Picks? No Picks? What The F?

Same Stephen A. Same... I was so very much looking forward to this draft and the potential to build upon the cornerstones that are present, and we have now found out that their big splash is going to be Jalen Brunson.

The writing was in the wall. They hired his father as an assistant coach. They want him as the point guard. All this is well, but I am really not that hyped. Its a mediocre move for a mediocre franchise.

As you can see with the title of this blog, I am at a loss of words and whirlwind of thoughts inside my head that are rapidly trying to type into this blog.

I have no idea what just went down.

I trust Leon Rose. I trusted Leon Rose. Their were plenty of talented players to snag and yet, they fall back into their old ways. Unnecessary thoughts, and even more unnecessary trades.

I don't know what picks were acquired or shipped away. The Knicks still need a point guard. Kemba is now off the team. Nobody was drafted. The draft is still going on. I am sad.

This is just the prelude. You can follow along my raw reactions and thoughts below. I'm sticking to baseball this year. Go Yanks...


*Live Blogging From Pick No.4 to Now*

Not the Woj Bomb I wanted to hear. Once the Kings passed on Ivey and didn't trade the pick, I was hoping a move would be made.

Not moves were made.

Detroit wasted no time and quickly swooped in to snag the Purdue star. Obvious choice and good for them. He'll be paired with Cade Cunnigham and Saddiq Bey. That's going to be a nice trio. Jealous, because like the Knicks should have a good trio, but good for them.

Short term memory, despite the smokescreen that the Knicks still want Ivey. Time to focus forward. The picks are starting to go, and the Knicks had options...

Johnny Davis I feel was the play, but the Wizards were right above New York. I had a feeling if they weren't going to get their guy, the pick was going to be moved. Look how hard it was for guys like Obi and IQ to get minutes in Thibs system, even though they are flourishing young talents...

The feelings became true and the Knicks grabbed Ousmane Dieng and sent him right to OKC. Fans quite literally boo'd him out of town. Multiple first rounders is nice, but I need to hear details.

In Leon Rose we trust, I guess.


I blink for one second and somehow the Knicks got Duren and then shipped him away. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!

  • Charlotte picks Memphis Center, Jalen Duren, at No. 13.

  • Hornets traded Jalen Duren to the Knicks.

  • Knicks are trading Kemba Walker, and Jalen Duren, to Detroit

What did they get? What the fuck just happened? I knew Walker was on his way out, but like, are they drafting anyone this year / what are they getting? GIVE ME THE ANSWERS WOJ...

Adam Silver announced the Knicks received three conditional first-round picks back from OKC in exchange for No. 11. I mean sick, but what does that even mean? I don't give a rats ass for a 2027 first rounder tbh. I care about NOW...


So this was all a play for Jalen Brunson? You had to "clear the books" for JALEN BRUNSON?! You clear the books for 1st Team All-Pros, All-Stars, MVP's. Not for a guy who only averaged 4.8 assists a game with Luka Doncic on his team dropping 40 a night.

I mean, I don't hate it but like, is he that good? He was a stud for Villanova, winning 2 championships and Player of the Year in the Big East and all of NCAA. But in the NBA, last year was his "breakout". He's a career 11.9 ppg and 3.7 ast. Kind of a let down. If he is their vision at the 1 then I'll back it up, but I am wildly disappointed.

Now I'm more made. I, and many other fans I'm sure, are just pissed. They are walking away from this draft with only a little extra cap space to show for it. All to pay Brunson $100+ million over four years… Unbelievable.