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The Lockout Report: The Yankees Catching Options Outlined

Gary Sanchez is going to be the starting point of this discussion. He is the worst catcher I have ever seen in my entire life. I have watched every inning, or just about, of his career and I came to that conclusion in 2018. I literally don't care how many home runs he hits every year, he sucks. He is literally the worst player I have ever seen in my life. The guy is the exact embodiment of what is wrong with the world. He is terrible. Every single year we hear the same thing come spring training, “Gary looks light! I think this will be his year”, and he still ends up sucking. He was trained by the greatest catcher of all time during this offseason, Ivan Rodriguez, and not even he could help him. Gary Sacnhez is a lost cause. That being said, that's outline some catching options for the Yankees this season.

So, lets begin with a good option, someone who has the same amount of CAREER passed balls as Gary Sanchez had LAST YEAR, Jacob Stallings. Stallings is perhaps the best possible trade avenue for the Yankees, with him being a great defensive catcher and a competent offensive catcher as well. He won the gold glove this year amongst all NL catchers. He did not have the highest offensive stats, .246 average with 8 home runs in 112 games and had a .335 OBP. This will not be an issue, but he is not fast. He has one career stolen base. What would we have to give up for him? Probably a mid or top-ish level prospect, and Gary Sanchez for Stallings. Quite frankly, I would take anything in return for Gary Sanchez, including a bag of chips and I’m on a diet so that is saying a lot.

The second best option, but would be my number one choice is Willson Contreras of the Cubs. This guy has an immaculate framing ability, and stellar defensive stats. He seems to command a starting rotation better than anyone the Yanks have seen in years, since probably Francisco Cervelli. He would take a lot more than a mid level prospect in my mind. He has two years left of control before he hits free agency, so I believe if we were to pick him up, at that point our top catching prospect Austin Wells should be ready to go. Contreras was paid $6 million in arb this season, so I’d assume he would make about 8-10 million in arb this year. He’s similar to Gary Sanchez, except he actually knows how to play the position offensively and defensively.

The third and final option is a scary one for me, along with various other yankees fans. One that seems like the most likely, I’d say probably 60% possible, which Gary returns as our catcher for next season. This will be a non biased version of my first paragraph, but I just can't see him playing for the yankees next season. Why, after what we have seen from him, would the yankees run it back with him? He has legitimately digressed every season since the big one. I just do not see it being possible, so I’d assume the trade for Stallings option has got to be number one on Cashman’s mind. Regardless of what avenue the Yanks take here, I see them promoting Wells whenever he is ready. The guy is a stud and will get it done one day, I’m sure.


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