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The MLB actually did some cool things with the upcoming schedule

A Rare MLB W when it comes to announcing future plans. We're still in the midst of the 2022 season, but the MLB has decided to drop their plans for 2023, and honestly, I'm pretty excited for some of them.

For the first time ever, All 30 teams will play one another in a season. Something they should have done years ago. The breakdown is as followed.

  • 52 Division Games (Down from 76)

  • 65 Intraleague Games (2 home and 32 away -- against non-divisional league opponents, down from 66.)

  • 46 Interleague Games (Up from 20)

As a result, division opponents will play each other just 13 times, down from 19. It makes the playing field more competitive. More exciting too. We'll get to see matchups that fans have been dying for, like Mookie Betts return to Boston, which will happen August 25th-27th.

My favorite part of the schedule is that all 30 clubs will play on Opening Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Lou Gehrig Day, 4th of July, Roberto Clemente Day, and Game 162. A full slate of baseball on multiple occasions. Finally.

I guess the lockout and the CBA actually brought some good. In addition to next years schedule, the MLB heads back to Korea for the World Tour this fall.

We all fell in love with the KBO during the pandemic, and now we get to see the guys we watch every day take on Korea's best.


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