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The NBA world is exploding now that the Lakers were swept. How does this impact LeBron's legacy?

The question of the day (and the week, month, year, and decade); how does this impact LeBron's legacy? The King left it all out on the floor, but at the end of the day, Nikola Jokić dropped the dagger that ended the turnaround season that the Lakers put together.


And with that, the Meat Gazing from ESPN and every major media outlet comes to an end. It was starting to get out of hand. Today, Carmelo Anthony retired, and mainstream media was tying it to LeBron and his legacy.

So I ask the question again, how DOES this effect LeBron's legacy? He has 12 conference finals appearances, shy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 13, advancing to 10 finals (where he's 4-6). He has the most playoff games played (282), playoff points (8023) steals (471), defensive rebounds (2123) and plenty of other achievements.

I know it's the cool thing to joke about, but we are witnessing history. LeBron is on Year 20 and is 38 years old. What he is accomplishing on the court is mind boggling. Just tonight alone, he dropped 40 points, 31 of them coming at half. It's insane. The debate has always been Michael versus LeBron, but we never saw these types of performances at the tail end of MJ's career. Clearly, that doesn't matter on Twitter.


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