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“The Omicron sell off”. Top buying opportunities for bargain investors.

Your weekly watch in what stocks are hot for the week of November 29th.

Presented by The Bullish Shark #ToTheMoon

*Invest with your own risk and with your own research. TBS and House Enterprise is not a financial institution*


Teladoc Health ($TDOC): Heavily oversold and down 65% from it’s recent highs the company has battled one lawsuit after another. Teladoc diagnoses everything from seasonal allergies, upper respiratory infections, and more by phone.

Visa ($V): Recently declared a 17.2% increase in its quarterly dividend, the leader in the payment processing is still down about 20% from it’s highs. Even with the emergence of fin-tech and the digital wallet, Visa is at the forefront of these innovations.

Pfizer ($PFE): “The Omicron Hedge” the drug-maker said it's preparing to boost production of its COVID antiviral treatment to combat the potential impact of the newly-discovered Omicron variant.

Chegg ($CHGG): This ones slightly off the beaten path but heavily justified. Analysts' 12 month median price target for the online education provider is still a 100% increase from where the stock sits now. A few misses on earnings and schools reopening has left Chegg stock down over 70% from it’s February highs.

Virgin Galactic ($SPCE): Virgin Galactic is the long term, speculative, space play. At a market cap of 4.32b the stock is ready for take off. The stock has has been down-trending for months now on speculative doubt and repeated Richard Branson sell offs - it’s undoubtedly on clearance now, down 70% from it's June highs.

Palantir Technologies ($PLTR): Another longer-term play that’s priced right and poised to grow exponentially. The company revolutionizes tech as we know it, their IT helped locate Osama bin Laden in 2011 and has also been used to trace COVID-19 infections and predict pandemic hot spots. Down almost 20% on the month, I wouldn’t be surprised if PLTR was called on to assist in the Omicron epidemic.

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