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The Phillies are on fire right now, but would a World Series win predict a financial crisis?

I write this blog as the Phillies are up 4-1 against the Braves in the first game of the NLDS. Who knows what the final score will be, but you have to admit the Phillies are a HOT team.

In a loaded division, they had lofty expectations. June rolled around and after a 22-29 start, they canned their World Series winning Manager, Joe Girardi. The weeks turned into months, and somehow they clinched a playoff spot in the final games of the season.

Now with full steam ahead, they upset a World Series favorite in the Cardinals last week, who were destined for at least the NLCS, with the final games for Pujols and Molina looming. Now they are dominating the Braves, who defied odds themselves, and took over a 10.5 game deficit to win the division. Now, Philadelphia is proudly

Why is this all important? Can't we just enjoy some postseason baseball in peace?

Think again.

Morning Brew tweeted this a couple weeks ago, and at this rate, the Phillies' fantasy might become our unlucky reality.

Clearly The Phillie Phanatic wants downfall to our economy.

Now you can say that it's all "one big coincidence". You could also say "we're due for a crash" after tumultuous economic uncertainty due to the pandemic aftermath, the Ukraine crisis, and supply chain/labor issues. But you could say "oh shit, this is real".

I'm a noted non-conspiracy guy who leaves the door a little too far open after a rabbit whole of scrolling at 3 am. If the MLB is scripted and the wealthy elites control our simulation, prepare for a harsh winter ahead.

By the way, the Phillies are +850 to win it all currently.

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