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The Pop-Tarts Bowl Mascot Committed Suicide on Live TV and Was Eaten by Kansas State’s Entire Team

I don't ever want to hear again that these bowl games don't matter. The Pop-Tart bowl was an all timer last night as Kansas State defeated NC State and ate the Pop-Tart mascot as a part of their celebration. The Pop-Tart mascot jumped in the toaster and came out the side where Kansas State began eating it. There is truly nothing like college football. Kansas State’s football players put in 12 months of blood, sweat and tears to have their season end in the suicide of a Pop-Tart which they then immediately consumed.

The marketing team for this should all get big bonuses because 1. it was absolutely genius and 2. I'm on my way to buy a s'mores pop-tart right now. I haven't eaten a pop-tart in at least 6 years, but watching last night made me want nothing more.

We really need more Bowl Games as fun as this. This and the Mayo Bowl will always be top tier marketing efforts that college football should build off of.

Here's the aftermath of the Pop-Tart:

One last thing, the Pop-Tart had an ALL TIME entrance at the beginning of the game that really set the tone for the entire thing.



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