The Savannah Bananas Opening Night proves that the MLB is missing out on the fun.

Baseball fans rejoiced when the MLB lockout ended after 99 days, but the real fun in the sport can be found down south. If you haven't heard of the Savannah Bananas then you are living under a rock at this point.

The pro-am team knows how to party, kicking off their Banana Ball World Tour at Grayson Stadium in front of a sold-out crowd in stylish fashion. Dawning yellow kits and dancing away, the Banana's were ready to roll facing off against the Party Animals (how fitting)

They played Banana Ball, which makes the game more fun and in less time. Two hours max, no bunting, you can steal first, no mound visits, and many more exciting and fun rules. My favorite? If a fan catches a foul ball, it's an out. Maybe the MLB should take a page out of their book?

The fans are engaged from the moment they walk into the gate. There's music, there's crowd interaction with the players, costumes, jokes, singing, contests, you name it. The Banana's are making America's Pastime fun again. It was an exciting night, and makes me want to head to a game ASAP.


Jesse Cole, the owner and founder of The Savannah Bananas joined the podcast a few weeks back to discuss how he turned a failing minor league team into the greatest show in baseball, and how being different can help achieve your wildest dreams (18:23).