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The "Scream VI" Trailer will finally drop tomorrow

Finally! If you know me, you know I kinda enjoy horror movies. It really depends on the level of blood and gore. I watch them occasionally, however the "Scream" series will always be an immediate watch for me. I watched the OG "Scream" movies when I was very young (which was a bad idea) and then I saw "Scream 2022" in theaters last year.

Well, the 6th installment of the "Scream" franchise is coming March 2023 and we still don't have a trailer (until tomorrow)! The "Scream" social accounts were up early this morning when they tweeted this teaser about a trailer tomorrow. We live in a crazy world where you have a a separate teaser post for a trailer. Like cmon, just post the trailer. I know they want to build a lot of hype for it, but the movie comes out in less than two months and no trailer.

They did release a teaser back in December 2022, which got me real excited.

From the teaser trailer, you can tell it clearly takes place in NYC which is honestly awesome. All the "Scream" movies take place in a rural town, so it is really cool to finally have an urban environment for the 6th movie.

One thing I noticed about the tweet teasing the trailer tomorrow is that Ghostface is holding a shotgun! That is honestly insane and takes the movie to another level of crazy. Ghostface is known for having a knife and that's pretty much it. Shotgun takes it to another level.

With the trailer announcement came some new snapshots from the movie which I will attach here:

Scream is set to release March 10th, 2023.


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