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The Squirrel is here to stay, Jeff McNeil agrees to a 4 year, $50 million extension

I know I'm a little late on this blog, but wanted to get it out because I am very happy that Jeff will be staying in Queens for the next 4 years. Jeff won the NL batting title last season and in my opinion is the heart of the team. He had a rough 2021 season where the nickname "Jeff McFeeble" was born. However, he avenged himself last season and was arguably the most consistent player on the team.

This deal, in my opinion, is a massive steal. Jeff would be making 12.5 a year which is a BARGAIN for a guy who last yer hit .326. He split his time last year between a few different positions. He spent most of his time at second, however he also played some outfield. He is a wizard at second and there are a plethora of highlights to back it up.

The Mets projected payroll plus tax is around $467 million, which would be the major league record.

Remember, there is never an overpay with Uncle Stevie.

I'm looking forward to the season, however it is a huge bummer that DARIN RUF is still on the team. I mean what will it take to DFA him? I thought when the Mets signed Tommy Pham, Ruf would be DFA'd. but no. Ruf is still on the team and the clock is ticking.

15 days until pitchers and catchers report!


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