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There is Something Wrong With the Red Sox - Recapping Their First Two Games

Title Photo: Worcester Telegram

The Red Sox were supposed to be better than this. After logging two hits in their Opening Day game vs the Orioles, they dropped another one, 4-2. Let’s take a look at some player stats through the first pair of games.

Game One - Baltimore 3, Boston 0

Game Two - Baltimore 4, Boston 2

Usually, when you think of the Boston Red Sox, you think big bats, slugfests, and weaker pitching, at least, from 2020 to now you do. So, let’s take a look at some pitchers’ stats.

Game One

Game Two

Somehow, it’s not the pitching. The staff and pen are holding their own, for now. The bats must wake up, sooner rather than later. Also, the defense has been sloppy, as Keke Hernandez booted what could have been an inning-ending double play, but instead ignited an Orioles rally in game one, and Raffy Devers struggled in game two. If you want to see something that is actually good, look at this filthy K from Houck.

Note: All stats are screenshots from Google

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